January is Stalking Awareness Month

I write this knowing that my stalker is watching each letter as it begins the next word. I write it without hesitation, because silence is what perpetuates their harassment. While speaking out also has its consequences, I choose to be bold and fearless. I've been told that I could upset them by doing so, but that they could also get pleasure out of knowing. ...more

A life sentence

When we think of secret admirers, sometimes we think of the sweet and innocent guy who sends us flowers through an incognito expression. Perhaps he’s too shy to say hello or he enjoys seeing the smiles on your face; while he watches you unpack envelops of money, cards and memo’s from behind his darkly tented shades, from across the room. You can’t see him and there’s a certain thrill that comes from not knowing him or being sure that it’s him; but knowing that someone admires you in such a way....more


It seems like there are a lot of creepers out there these days. Honestly, I would just like to venture out without my husband and NOT be bombarded by creepy men. You would think that a woman walking around with two small children would be left alone, but I guess then they wouldn't be called creepers. Here are a few spine tingling things that have happened to me in the last couple of months.  The first one happened at Wal-Mart (go figure) a few months ago....I was super excited about getting down to 120 lbs....more

Facebook and other social network nightmares


Sharing Resources: Stalking Awareness Month Part III

Deciphering What's Real and What's Not Sometimes posts get noticed by PR firms, other social media platforms and pe...more

Know It. Name It. Stop It. Stalking Awareness Month Part II

Friend or Foe Through the years, I've had a few friends who stepped crossed the line of being friendly and became overbearing; who showed up at my door uninvited at inconvenient times; who was angry with me for not answering my phone when she called, repeatedly; who sometimes drove to my home to tell me she had been calling and I was not answering; who was jealous of the time I spent with DH (who was then Dear Boyfriend); who gave me expensive gifts; and the list goes on. These things made me nervous at times; angry at times; and left me feeling stuck in the "friendship." ...more
It's a sign of the stalkers frustration and lust for controlling his victim. I wish I had the ...more

Crossing the Line: Stalking Awareness Month

Paranoia While I have never been stalked, at least I don't think I have, the mere thought of it unnerves...more

My name is Tellulah, I'll live 'til I spy

This is Selena Gomez's new video. http://youtu.be/nVZD_s9KwiY The video channels a European based spy film that rotates around the troubles of a beefy, single man (read Matt Damon Daniel Craig), except it revolves around a 16 year old girl. The video is good and the song is catchy and somebody has to put food on the Gomez’s table, but kids acting like grownups unsettles me. Unless, of course you’re talking about Bugsy Malone....more

Are You A Stalker?

None of us want to drive away a new love with stalker behavior, but sometimes insecurities get the better of us. Sadly, it's not until after our new love is long gone that we gain enough perspective to see exactly where we went wrong. Lord knows, when we're in the thick of our obsessive neurosis, we can't see past the next text -- you know the one you think is going to magically turn things around but, of course, never does? ...more