It's Time to Tell the Truth About Standardized Testing

Yesterday, the news broke that eleven teachers in Atlanta were convicted of racketeering in a cheating scandal. The teachers and administrators had changed test answers on state standardized testing to improve the outcomes of district test results in order to boost the district's overall rating, to keep their jobs and also for personal gain (as some performance based bonuses were tied to test results).  ...more

I Teach To A Test...Unfortunately!


Feeling the Love from Fellow Teachers

It puts fear into the hearts of students, parents, and teachers alike.  It evokes judgment from government officials and those who have never walked a mile in a teacher's shoes.  In some places, it unfairly determines an educator's salary.  And in our school district, it will torment our lives for the next 5 days the same way a foreboding black cloud torments the spirited on a beautiful summer day....more

The Irony of Standardized Testing in the NCLB World

Stephanie had to sit for standardized testing for the last two days.  Things have come a long way since I was a kid, carefully filling in those ovals with the #2 pencil.  Instead she sits at a computer, answering the multiple choice questions.   The test program our district (and the state) uses is the Measure of Academic Progress (aka "MAPS Test"), provided by Northwest Evaluation Assessment.  It seems to be a well thought out program, in that the test adjusts to meet the skills of the test taker.  Should the student ...more

You Got Punk'd: An Open Letter to American Parents | Taylor the Teacher

I haven't submitted to blogher in a while, but I'm submitting this one here specifically because I believe the mommy blogs are more powerful than many give them credit for. I’m trying my best to speak for a segment of teachers. If you listen and decide I’m full of crap, that’s fine. Just know that, down here in the edu-blogosphere, we’re trying like hell to figure out how best to prepare your children. I may not be that voice that can say what teachers need to say, but teachers are begging for parent input here. Our viewpoint is worth at least a listen, yes? ...more