Standardized tests are not Satan

No one really enjoys standardized tests, but what do we know about them? Parents worry over the stress it induces in children. Teachers have had enough of overanxious administrators. Administrators complain the scores don’t accurately reflect learning. Kids loathe tests in general.However, can anyone recall the real reasons standardized tests were introduced in the first place?First of all, they aren’t all bad....more

Keeping your High School Student Well-Prepped for the SAT over Summer Break

Many students go into summer vacation intending to spend at least a little time preparing for the SAT or ACT exams they will take in the fall.  However, it is easy for these intentions to fall by the wayside, and as parents and teachers both know, kids lose valuable academic ground over the summer months if they aren’t focused on retaining and building on the knowledge and skills gained during the school year....more

Right-Brained, Wrong Brained? Let's Be Done with Standardized Testing!

Right here in Georgia, at the University of Georgia, we have a world-renown department called the Torrance Center which developed a "right-brain" standardized test years ago. Only our gifted students get to take it to gain entry into the elite programs. Imagine if some of our troublemakers -- or day dreamers -- took it? Wonder if "those ADD and dyslexic kids" took those kinds of tests. What if we tested each child to find their gifts and supported those? No, we test to find WHAT’S WRONG with children and then pound in their little heads how poorly they’re performing....more
I totally agree they need to get rid of standardized testing.  It just makes people feel like ...more

How can we predict K-12 teacher effectiveness?

In the U.S., public educational systems select teacher candidates based on test scores, credentials, and university degrees. But those, says Malcolm Gladwell in a recent New Yorker article, are not good predictors of teacher success. In fact, he writes, there may be no good predictors at all. ...more

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Study suggests high-achieving students are being left behind in U.S. schools

The Fordham Institute today released a report on two fascinating studies about the state of high-achieving students under the Bush Administration's No Child Left Behind (NCLB) initiative. ...more

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