Do you believe in fairies? Easy Supper Recipes

Like many cooks, Luisa from the New York food blog The Wednesday Kitchen keeps a special spot in her heart for quick and easy meals, what here on BlogHer we call "standby suppers" -- you know, the stuff you make when the only choices your mind can manage are carry-out, drive-through or pizza-delivery. Luisa writes: "Languorous cooking times, afternoons spent in the kitchen, and an honorary membership to the Slow Food movement may be all well and good, but give me quick, something-out-of-nothing meals that come together in less time than it takes to make a plate of pasta and I'll be seduced, every time. Who hasn't stood in front of their fridge with the door open, stomach rumbling and hands feeling trembly with hunger, wishing that a little bewinged creature trailing pixie dust would swoop in, pluck out all the edible bits and pieces, and conjure up a quick meal in less time than it takes to say 'I believe in fairies!'?" ...more

Cooking Under Pressure

Ellen from the Massachusetts food blog I Am Gluten Free is the mother of five and knows what it's like to get supper on the table under pressure. Her favorite kitchen tip? A pressure cooker. She writes: "One of my favorite toys/tools in the kitchen is my Kuhn-Rikon pressure cooker. I can't believe it took me so many years to finally make it a regular tool in my arsenal of kitchen equipment. They are not at all like the ones you used to hear about. The new ones have safety mechanisms built right in. No more explosions that permanently change the color of the ceiling in your kitchen. Tonight, we dined on delicious split pea soup. From start to finish, including prepping the ingredients, it was done in 25 minutes. And it was as good if not better than the best split pea soup you've ever eaten!" ...more

Default Dinners + Standby Suppers = Happy Cooks

Janelle from the Seattle food blog Talk of Tomatoes returns to familiar recipes to keep her family warm. She calls them "Default Dinners". She writes: "... this is the time when we bring out the blankets, crank up the heat and draw the curtains. We love being warm and cozy inside while it is blustery, wet and dark outside. This year, my whole family is into it. We turn on some nice jazz music, light a few candles and heat up the stove. When schedules are busy, it is a treat to be at home, together ... " ...more

Our standby supper is hot ham bean soup. You can soak the beans up to 3 days before they start ...more

One Fish, Two Fish: Cooking for One or Two

Julie from the Florida food blog A Mingling of Tastes has found the perfect recipe for Cooking for One, fish en papillote. ...more