Why Star Trek (and Wil Wheaton) Made My Life A Little Bit More Livable

Ok, let's get this out of the way first......more

Meeting One of the Loves of My Life

This past weekend I attended Space City Comic.com right here in Houston, Texas.  As a lifelong Star Trek,  Star Wars, etc. , follower, I just couldn't let it pass by, even if it was for just a few hours on a hot Sunday afternoon.  It didn't hurt that Sylvester McCoy, the seventh Dr. Who and the brown wizard, Radagast in The Hobbit was appearing.  As a sometimes member of the Armitage Army, a loosely knit but extremely devoted group of adoring fans of Richard Armitage, how could I miss meeting someone who'd actually shared air with RA?...more

Cumberbatch into Darkness

Warning: spoilers abound, for those of you who haven't already guessed, viewed, or Googled Benedict Cumberbatch's true identity in the film....more

Star Trek Should Be Mandatory For Children (Part 2)

 For Part 1 Click There ----> CLICKETY CLICK ...more

Star Trek Should Be Mandatory For Children (Part 1)

 I am sure I am the last person on the planet to see Star Trek. ...more

Star Trek Quiet Book

When I was younger, my mom made us a quiet book. You know, a really fun fabric book with buttons, zippers, velcro all geniously designed to keep kids busy and quiet in appropriate places.. i.e church, appointments, meetings. Well, now grown up my self and getting ready for my first baby, I decided I should try my hand at a quiet book. But not just any quiet book, I wanted to do a themed one - because everything is more fun to make when it's themed...and what's more fun than sci-fi themes....and what's the greatest sci-fi show ever created?Star Trek....more
I wish it were TOS. My 2/12 year old daughter would flip out....  more

Asthma shows up in Dodge City

  At 3 a.m. I dreamed some Romulans shut me up in a spare photon torpedo capsule. I don't know why. They seemed angry at me. There wasn't much air in the capsule. I quickly used it all up. I couldn't breathe. Suddenly, I woke up from the dream to find that I couldn't breathe. Asthma is like that. It's not the first time he's crept into my dreams like a bad man riding into Dodge City. I lurch into the bathroom to get to my albuterol inhaler. You're supposed to wait for a time in between the two puffs....more

Memory Lane: Old TV Shows

Growing up, watching television was something that my family did together. I can remember watching Gunsmoke, and all of us rooting for Marshall Dillon to save the day. I can remember Charlie's Angels, The Six Million Dollar Man, and The Bionic Woman. ...more

Is There Still a Social Stigma for Geek Girls?

When I was in elementary school, one of the worst things a classmate could call someone was a "geek". In a world of social media and smart phones the negativity associated with the word "geek" is going away. But it's not gone yet -- and I think it's still more negative for women than it is for men. I can call myself a geek with pride. I can bond with my family and my closest friends over geeky things. But when someone in my larger circle of acquaintances uses the term "geek" in reference to me or knows I'm into certain things, I still blush. ...more
I think all girls are a geek to some extent. Also, certain geeky girls have a sweet innocent and ...more

"Don't Say Gay" Bill Passes, Star Trek's Sulu To The Rescue

Tennessee has passed a bill that prohibits discussing any aspect of homosexuality in public school classrooms grades kindergarten through eighth. Former Star Trek star George Takei, concerned about how this might affect alienated gay youth, has launched a campaign against the bill, which is slated go to the House as soon as lawmakers return from adjournment next year. ...more

to expunge queerness from society, It is, as George's fictional space-faring buddy would say, ...more