The Force is With Me

I’m officially tired of Star Wars.  Currently, my son rambles on about anything Star Wars (SW) related.  He questions me about characters and scenarios, expecting definitive answers.  Sometimes, I forget he’s discussing a character, unfamiliar to me from the three prequels, and I mistakenly think he’s talking about a friend from school.  With the influx of modern names, it’s very possible he’s referring to a school pal....more

Star Wars Scavenger Hunt

 Star Wars Scavenger Hunt ...more

Why is Daddy Crying?

Dark days in our household.Bart has been hoarding nerd toys for his one-day child pretty much since our first date. All those boxes that arrive from eBay and the Hasbro Toy Shop and the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club are all in the name of good parenting.“One day,” Bart said, while raising the lid of an old wooden trunk in his office, “these will all be Quinn’s.”...more

'Star Wars' Was The First Movie I Saw Twice in a Theater

In the summer of 1977, the biggest movie of the summer was Star Wars. I had been eagerly tracking the progress of the film's opening through various fan magazines, and was not disappointed when we finally went to see it, on Long Beach Island (at a theater in Beach Haven, which alas, is no more). My family were all big science fiction fans and loved the movie, from the corny crawl-titles at the start to the big space battle at the end. ...more
.Rod_Thomson Hahaha... the funny thing is, that isn't my piece of content; however, the title ...more

FF - I heart Star Wars

To be fair, my answer to the age old question of, "Star Trek or Star Wars?" would come down slightly on the side of The Enterprise and crew. But Chewie and company still occupy a special place in my heart, and this new trailer gives me a new hope that the upcoming trilogy will rock -...more

A Mom's Love For R2D2

 I fell in love with R2D2 in 1977 whe...more
R2D2 is awesome. :)more