Web Success Team- It’s Not Just About Us!

I believe one of the most important pages on a website is the About Us page. It is often misunderstood and at best undervalued. Going against the grain, I propose this page is more about the reader and less about the company or person. Here’s my reasoning:...more

SONNET: To the Guy Who "Shared" My Table at Starbucks Yesterday

Everyday Shakespeare http://www.everydayshakespeare.com To the Guy Who “Shared” My Table at Starbucks Yesterday Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?Sure. Even though it’s winter and snowingYou feel suffocating hot anyway. Look, a free table! But you ain’t going ...more

That was great.

But this guy ? Not so great. I hope you have better table partners in ...more

Win a $20 Starbucks Card

Just leave a comment and your name will be entered for drawing on Saturday January 23rd....more

The Age of Difference

The other day, I thought about the many ways I have changed in the 10 months since my stepson has been with us. Prior to him coming to live with us, I was the Mom of a 5 year old girly girl. I was the Mom of a little girl who had just started Kindergarten and I was a Mom who was learning this whole school thing as I went. I was routine at it's finest. Then. I was dropped into the middle of teenage-dom. I was facing a 13 year old in middle school - and he's a boy! ...more

Please Help Bring Back Gluten-Free Cake to Starbucks, or perhaps maybe something allergen-free?

image courtesy of A Gluten Free Guide   When Starbucks announced at the end of April that they would begin carrying a gluten-free option in their coffee houses, the gluten free community rejoiced. After years of letters and petitions, our voices were finally being heard.  ...more

 Thanks, Kalyn. I hope they do, too. It just seems mean to have something taken away without ...more

BYO mug: Ditch the disposable cup and bottle habit

Toting your own to-go mug or reusable water bottle isn't just an eco-altruistic act. You can reap many more selfish benefits by becoming a reusenik: 1. Extra money. Whether it's a nearby Starbucks or an indie coffee shop, many coffee shops offer you between a nickel and a quarter off your drink for BYOing. ...more

Re: BYO mug: Ditch the disposable cup and bottle habit

Bringing our own mug or ...more

Kaffee KWest

Saturday, May 30, 2009 Kaffee KWest - In the Beginning,There was Colombian Narino Supremo from http://kaffeekwest.blogspot.com/   ...more

A Love Affair of Epic Proportions

Nothing. And I mean nothing comes between me and my Starbucks. Not a fence, not a ditch, not a four lane (6 if you count the turn lanes) highway - that I crossed on foot... ...more

lol....geez....i love my caffeine but not quite that much!!  ...more

Apparently, Corneas Are Important

I am now the proud owner of a pair of eyes that have inflamed corneas and astigmatism - whateverthehellthatis. ...more

Last Night was fun

I'm spending the week at harrahs. Gotta love comps right? Got a nice suite and just taking some time off. I met up with my friend Thor last night at hooters for wings booze and chicks in pantyhose. What more could a girl want? ...more