Make a Living Following Your Passion, 3 Steps

How many times have you heard the words “do what you love and the money will follow”? It’s a very romantic thought and I’d love to believe it’s that easy.  The truth is, the money doesn’t just appear. Let’s get real about that.If you want to create a business you love, one that feeds your passion, you have to tie that passion to your skills, experience and knowledge. You have be strategic in your planning and you have to understand what it takes to start, grow and run a business that generates profit....more

Small Business on a Budget: Start a Craft Business

Do you make amazing homemade gifts for your family and friends? Sure, you dabble in crafts, but have you thought about selling them? Plenty of women are doing just that and making a pretty profit too. Sites like have opened new avenues for moms looking to sell handcrafted items online. In April 2009 alone, Etsy buyers spent $12.6 million on 786,825 items, according to ABC News. ...more

Professionalize Your Passion: Build a Budget

Last year I "Retired Before I Retired. Much has changed in a year. When I first wrote about my husband and I envisioning retirement it was I who had made the big career change.  I quit my job, started a consulting business, finished working on a book, and went through a training program to become a certified vegan lifestyle coach. ...more
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25 Signs You Hate Your Job

Today I was talking with a colleague about what it felt like in those deep dark days of being in a job that you hate. It is intense. The feelings are real and sometimes the thoughts are irrational. It feels like you are trapped with no way out. It's not funny business by any means. That said, we vamped on a bit about some definitive signs that your job is killing you and sucking out your soul. So here's today's top 25 list of "you know you hate your job when..." ...more
I loved reading this, great post -  I knew I had to get out of my job, and decided to start a ...more

How to Keep Going When You're Growing a Business

Last night I was having a conversation with my financial advisor when we started talking about perseverance and what it REALLY takes to build a business. I was fairly amazed at how different her perspective was after a decade in her own company than mine was after a little over four years full-time. ...more

How A Real Woman Starts A Real Small Business: Lauren and a Sewing Lounge

I want to offer you an opportunity to be a fly on the wall and get an up-close and personal look at how one real woman goes about starting a real business.  This is the first in a continuing series about Lauren. Lauren's Vision ...more

Desiree,  not only were you able to fulfill your fashion designer dreams and be there for ...more

Five Tips for Successfully Turning Your Passion into a Business

Passion is often an important element in steering women toward opening their own enterprises.  A woman who loves making jewelry, dreams about taking it from a hobby to a business; a brilliant cook wants to open a catering firm.  While zeal is a terrific indicator of what we will do well, as solopreneurs and small business owners, it is easy to let our enthusiasm focus us in the wrong direction—toward what we want to give rather than what the market wants and needs to get.  So how can we turn our passions into businesses that succeed? ...more