How Blogging Made Me a Better Mommy

I started my blog, Beyond Mommying, for pretty selfish reasons. After six months of job hunting, getting my hopes up, and not getting where I wanted to go, I found myself as only a stay-at-home mommy of two with a third on the way. While I loved (and still do) being that, I was lost. I didn’t know who I was outside my children; I was seeking a personal identity, one that was just mine. ...more
Melissa, I know this is an old article but I just read your post in the Sun Sentinel about "Back ...more

Chicken Decapitation and Bear Poop

I can't believe I am blogging.  I rolled my eyes and procrastinated every time a paper was assigned since the 3rd grade.  I counted the minutes until graduation from college sheerly to escape written assignments FOREVER.  I adjusted fonts, margins and spacing simply to meet the bare minimum of pages required by teachers.  And now I willingly blog?  It's like the end of 'The Trouble with Angels' where Haley Mills becomes a nun behind her best friends back when they TOTALLY hated the nuns for the entire movie!  I'm such a traitor....more

Worth A Try

I've blogged on Blogger for a few years- privately of course.  I don't want the world to think that they know my life or me.  Being a teacher forces me to be cautious on what is available online. My children's safety is a concern too because there are some wacky people out in cyberspace.  I write about my family for only the eyes of my husband and me.  If something happened to me, my children would have the blog to read.  It's my journal as a mom and wife....more

5 Essential Lessons Bloggers Learn from Hitting the Gym

  Pushing yourself in the gym today will lead to a major self-esteem boosting payoff tomorrow.  However, to reach your workout goals it takes consistent hard work and determination. The same can be said for the effort you’ll need to make a success of your blog....more

Why I Started My Blog

I always laugh whenever someone comments on the name of my blog. I started My Husband Ate All My Ice Cream a year and a half ago. I was pregnant, and pissed. And I promise you, my husband has NOT eaten all of my ice cream since the night I wrote this story, which was the first of many blog posts:...more