Making the Leap: Tips on Starting a Business and Quitting Your Job

Making the decision to switch from working a full time job to becoming an entrepreneur is never easy. There are so many things to consider, from whether you can still maintain a decent living while working on the business to whether the business will actually work. Fortunately, there is a middle ground from which you can make your leap. If you’re thinking about quitting your job and starting your own business, these next few tips are definitely for you.The ‘Right’ Idea...more

Being open to whatever comes next

Do you ever wonder where your life is going? Question whether you’re on the right path or making the right decisions? Like, all the time? Not my friend Sarah. Sarah is blessed with the ability to go with the flow, take opportunities as they arise, and have faith that the steps she is taking are leading her in the right direction....more

Don't Overthink

Weekends are supposed to be free and relaxing for families.  I can't do it.  It's scripted in my genes to think, plan, research, organize, worry and start over.  And not necessary in that order.  I have been dealing with my special kids for almost 12 years now and it is the most difficult job anybody can imagine.  The job description changes every day and I feel compelled to roll with it.  It is not my nature to be spontaneous.  I lost sleep worrying about a new business plan.  It was an exciting anxiety, yet it felt too risky....more

When to Follow Your Calling vs What's Expected

When does it make sense to go with the flow and when does it make sense to break from the status quo and all comfort zones and enter a new turning point in your career? I personally have been fascinated by people's career journeys. As in "how did you end up where you are today?" It is very rarely a direct, logical path (you know, like they tell you it "should" be in college). This thoughtful and inspiring personal post from Lauren Bacon talks about her own turning points. ...more
Purpose drive career change via BlogHer: When to Follow Your Calling vs What's Expected ...more

Starting Your Own Business

It has never been more exciting to me a woman entrepreneur.  When I started my first business over 27 years ago the internet was not widely available. Information didn't flow freely as it does today.The interesting thing is that even with the ability to seek out this information many don't know exactly how to use this wonderful tool so that it benefits it them fully.   Did you know that women have been starting businesses at a higher rate then men for over 20 years!  That's girl power if you ask me....more

Recap: How to Succeed at Self-Employment

It's been a few months since we jumped in our virtual car and started the journey on the Roadmap to Self-Employment. Being an entrepreneur is an ever-changing adventure and yet the fundamentals always remain the same. By following these 9 steps you'll be on your way to a strong foundation as you start and grow your business. ...more
I enjoyed reading these articles.  I am in the process of making this plunge and your advice has ...more

A Dream Realized: Opening Our Own Store

Some important milestones have recently passed without any acknowledgement here on my blog—my daughter’s 12th birthday and the one-year anniversary of creating a Book for My Daughter....more

Business Planning 101

One of the reasons why so many businesses fail is because they fail to plan.  You wouldn't think of going on vacation without a plan so why would you dream of hitting the road to self-employment without one? ...more

What is Your Why and Who?

So you’ve determined that you want to be self-employed and that you’re cut out for the entrepreneurial journey. Now what? The decision to be your own boss can come with a big rush.  Like a YORK Peppermint Patties commercial of the days gone by.  That’s fine for a while (like maybe an evening of some fine cocktails), but then what do you do?  This is where business planning comes in. ...more