You, Too, Can Learn From A Selfish Horny Loser

This is an original post from my blog 100 DAYS IN BED. It got such a positive reaction, I thought I'd post it here, too! I hope you enjoy it. Today, we're talking about a topic you guys had a lot to say about: How To Get Out of A Rut. I was reading this article in "Elle" magazine called "Danger Man" by Phillip Nobel about a man who walks out on his marriage, kids, his life. He committed to this life - the family life and then he realized, he didn't want it anymore. "I was bored, Just bored......more


It felt like jumping off a cliff when we first packed our bags and moved across the country and now it feels like going home. Yes, even a calling. Sometimes it feels like we could be boarding the Titanic, but then again--feels like we've been on board that ship for the past three years. ...more

Beating Depression... One Adventure At A Time!

I realized I might have been too honest in my last blog... so I temporary took it down.  I edited just one word... when I'm ready I will say what that was but though I want to share my whole journey, I want to protect a little of my family's privacy.  I hope you understand....more

Love, Loss and Moving On: My Interview With Harriet Bronson

Luanne StevensonArticle first published as Love, Loss and Moving On: Interview With Harriet Bronson, Former Wife of Charles on Blogcritics....more

Breaking All the Rules

“Sometimes you have to break the rules around you to keep the rules within you” -Martha Beck, O MagazinePeople often ask He and I in amazement how we found each other, how we even got to this place in our lives. The answer is simple: We made it happen. We broke all the rules, and we are still breaking all the rules. And look where we are now. ...more

Charting A New Path

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.  I realize just what a powerful statement that is now.  I will no longer be dragged down by the past or allow myself to wallow in its misery.  It is time for me to spread my wings and fly.  And I'm making my own path.  I'm going my own way.  The way I was destined to go.  I will look to those who inspire me and encourage me as guides to point me in the right direction and warn me of possible pitfalls.  But I will go alone.  From this day on, I will start and end each day with meaningful purpose....more

Picking up the pieces. . . Where is the glue?

And so, on that cold Winter Solstice morning I packed up a few of my prized possessions and loaded my dog into my little car and left my big, fancy house for the last time.  I drove off to spend the next few weeks and the holidays with my family.  It a new beginning, putting the pieces of my life back together.  The house was for sale and I planned to stay with friends after the holidays. It started with what seemed to be an innocent e-mail from my husband and then a series of events unfolded that brought about major life changes I wasn’t quit...more

Well Said Franki. Thanks for the kind words!more

Designing a New Life

Having a chance to start over is like taking a new home and designing it just the way you want to.  Don't focus on the emptiness of the space, but on the possibilities!  Each room has a feature and each part of your life does as well.  Spend some time examining the "features" of your life in the "rooms" of parenting, friendships, womanhood, sister, daughter, aunt, etc.  There is much to take advantage of after losing a marriage.  It may feel like you can't live another day, but if you take one moment at a time and do something for someone, even if it's just getting ...more

The Blanket: An Unexpected Gift

Starting Fresh When I was 12, our family picked up and moved from South Central Texas to the Texas Panhandle. It had been a rough year or so for my parents. Exactly how rough it had been I'll never know, but I knew enough to know we were starting over. For my mom, the move meant going back home to family. ...more

stand out in my mind are the year of the Cabbage Patch Dolls and the year that my family lived ...more