One really good thing

 Things I have learned this past year:My husband of 15 years is divorcing me.  He doesn't want the dog, any of the wedding photos or anything that will possibly remind him of me in the future.  It's probably a good thing we didn't have children....more

I'm glad that your mother decided to get treatment.

Good luck finding yourself again. ...more

Spooky: What Do You Want to Be?

Halloween is the day kids get dressed up to look like their dream person. Will they be a princess, pirate, clown, queen, vampire, Cleopatra, Lady Gaga? It’s fun for them to think about and it often take weeks for them to decide.   What about you?   It’s Halloween and I’m asking you the same question. What do you want to be? If you could be anything you wanted – and time and money were no object – what would you be? An entrepreneur, business woman, artist, sculptor, writer, corporate CEO, inventor…WHAT?...more

c'mon honey, time to get up.

This one's for the girl's

I’m a firm believer in practicing what you preach and I’m often reminded of this when I look at my beautiful and precocious young daughter. She’s full of life and spunk and she has a spirit about her that is so pure and unfettered by the weight of self doubt and critical inner dialog that she inspires and reminds me what’s most important for us as women. She’s innocent and undamaged but I know that only lasts so long and I can only protect her from so much. For her to be a warrior of life I have to give her the tools she needs to take into battle....more

Suggestion box

So, clearly my life is not working for me right now.  If moving were a viable option, I would.  It may yet get to a point where moving really is the only choice, but for now, I'm committed to clients and don't want to leave them.  (Not to mention the house payments and the fact that I couldn't possibly sell my house for enough to cover the costs I would incur in selling it.) ...more

One Woman's Dream

As a coach, I am often asked by prospective clients how coaching might benefit them.  It appears there is some mystique around what happens in real life coaching sessions.   Therefore, I thought I would share the following story to demonstrate how co...more

Never Listen to Advice Based in Personal Fear!

You’ve met them in your family, your circle of friends—your co-workers. They are everywhere and they are very VOCAL.  These are the people who love to give you advice....more

Blessings in Disguise

Blessings come in all shapes and sizes.  What one may consider a tragedy, a disaster, a curse, may actually be a blessing in disguise. I have learned not to be so quick to label situations.  What I consider bad, awful, tragic just may be a blessing, a gift or an answer to a prayer. ...more

Big Change Chronicles, Conclusion: An Amaryllis Of Peace

by Agnes KrupThis is the conclusion of Agnes Krup's Big Change Chronicles, which began with this postLate November...more

how to survive filing bankruptcy when you are a single mom

well here i am getting ready to shove the last of mine and my daughters belongings into our van so that we can go early in the morning and shove it into a storage unit before i have to go to work. i am in a financial mess and i am a single parent. most of the mess i take responsibility for but honestly i like to blame my girls dad for being not the man of my dreams, but rather my nightmares. ...more

well ya  know my income is very very very little right now and i am finding it harder to ...more