Just a typical outing to the state fair

I grew up going to our county fair, rocking my 4-H projects in the sewing, gardening, knitting and photography categories. There were probably others, but it was long ago in the middle of a childhood. I never ventured into the world of entering livestock, maybe it was the thought that the fair marked the end for many of the cows, pigs and other edible livestock that were auctioned off near the close of the fair and led out to soon become someone’s dinner....more

Wonderful Wednesday - Unexpected Kindness at the State Fair

Wonderful Wednesday - witnessing someone you love do an unexpected kindness for another is a wonderful thing.Each Wonderful  Wednesday throughout the month of September I am going to celebrate unexpected kindnesses I have been blessed to receive. I invite you to both celebrate unexpected kindnesses and to provide unexpected kindnesses to others. This Wonderful Wednesday I am going to share with you an unexpected act of kindness I witnessed my husband perform at a state fair many years ago....more

Fair Fare

                Go for a spin, funnel cakes. Goud-an outta here, fried cheese curds. Aw, shucks, corn dogs.                You’re so last year’s fare....more

Eleven Best Days of Summer

  Eleven Best Days of Summer   "Heigh Ho, Come to the Fair!" Many say the Maryland State Fair represents the eleven best days of summer, and I've been going for over thirty years.  There are livestock and horse shows, cooking demonstrations, rides, eats and concerts.  There is also a Farm and Garden Department, a Home Arts department, a Livestrock department.  Marylanders enter their most prized items in a series of competitions and hope for a Blue Ribbon.  ...more

Cows Don't Need To Give Birth At The Fair

So many of you were horrified at the gunning down of a pregnant dairy cow last year, at the California State Fair. The cow was part of a livestock nursery exhibit in which very pregnant cows, goats and pigs are transported to the fair and are expected to give birth in front of an audience. As you will recall, she was shot several times after she escaped from the nursery. Both she and her unborn calf were killed....more

Is There a Pig Farmer in the House?

How often are any of us called out in public to perform our special occupational skills? ...more