State Of Mind

The birds singing in the morning, the form of cotton clouds, the sea kissing the sand, the freedom sensation and this force that leads me to smile. The flowers nature beauty, the animals inspiration way of living, the human being ability to love, or the sunset at the beach. Is this the so talked state of mind? ...more

Mindfulness and the Psychologist

Those of you who know me know I try to practice and encourage Mindfulness, the exercise of allowing ourselves to fully be in the moment. A Thich Nhat Hanh book for the novice lead me to the joy of embracing those everyday tasks that make up so much of life, like cooking dinner or washing the dishes. ...more

Where the Award Winning Actresses Are

If you want to see talented actresses plying their craft these days basic cable might be a better bet than your local multiplex.  Shows starring strong leading female characters are setting the ratings on fire in the cable world.  In USA Today, Holly Hunter comments: "The whole cable industry has been validated by that show's success," says Hunter, whose Grace, premiering July 23, will follow The Closer. "That it's a female lead has been great, not just for women but for everybody, because people understand that people want to watch women in the lead (roles)." ...more