The State of the Union: Our Real Social Wealth

Today's State of the Union address offers President Obama the opportunity to talk with Americans about what our nation really needs. As we shift from a manufacturing to a knowledge and service economy, what we urgently need for both individual and national economic success is what economists call high-quality human capital. This requires investing in our most important American asset: our people. In economic terms, this translates into reversing the downward trend of U.S. international competitiveness. In human terms, it translates into ending enormous suffering....more
I commend you. I have a signed copy of Chalice my mother had you sign. I'm a feminist and I have ...more

Reflection from the Right: The State of the Union

Disjointed, misleading and full of double-speak -- while this speech had a few lines that I liked, it was an overall flop. Historically, SOTUs have never doomed an administration, nor have they saved it. Obama said a lot of the same thing, with a sprinkling of tax cuts that will barely reduce the debt burden we currently face....more

Let's talk about corporate taxes first. It is possible to lower tax rates without lowering ...more

Move Forward Because the World Has Changed: Obama's State of the Union

It's time for Americans and our politicians to seek unity for the sake of the nation, and "instead of re-fighting the battles of the last two years, let's fix what needs fixing and move forward." That was the theme of President Barack Obama's second State of the Union address that he delivered to the nation tonight. More than once he used the phrase "move forward," appealing to Democratic and Republican Party legislators to work together, and finally, invoking the American Dream, he relayed a stream of images designed to inspire striving for our ideals. ...more

Nordette, Thanks for this thoughtful post.

I thought the President did a great job last ...more

The $14 Trillion State of the Union Gorilla

If you're outside of the DC Metro area, you may not know or care that tonight is the State of the Union.In DC, that means parties, events and drinking games.The talented Caleb Howe at Red State even created a hilarious satirical post about "congressional dates" given the seating policy for this year....more


To blame the 5 trillion dollars added to the deficit during the Bush administration ...more