Create Your Own Seed Envelopes

School has started. My little guys walk in, holding hands and my heart is still a little jittery. A little project is exactly what I need and so I jumped right in with these tear-away seed envelopes. ...more

Back to School: Create Your Own Personalized Erasers with… You'll Never Guess!

I am totally enjoying burying my angst with these back to school projects. Denial in the form of creativity. I like it. ...more

Create Your Own Stationery: Watermelon Button and String Envelopes

I was born and proudly raised in a little gem of the Caribbean - Trinidad and Tobago. My fondest memories were always impromptu treats on our way to or from the beach. ...more
JennyKiernan Thanks, Jens!more

Free Printable Owl Notecards

Many years ago I sold handmade notecards I created from my own original, paper art collages. Many of these stationery sets featured little birds or owls at play. My first set of notecards was my Seasonal or Everyday Birds Notecard Set....more

Reinventing the lost art of letter writing.

Email isn't always accessible and letters sent electronically generally aren't worth keeping. Make what you have to say to someone both memorable and worthy of a scrapbook. Send a paper letter....more

Send it in a letter.

Just because you can send a letter or invitation electronically nowadays doesn't mean you have to send it that way. A simple way to acknowledge and share the artistic endeavors of others is to send a handmade card or invitation....more

Reaching Out

Living a long way from family and friends really does bring in to focus just how special those relationships are.  ...more

Paper Reviews: Fancy Legal Pads

If I want to write with nice pens, I am going to want to write on nice paper. My main issue was fretting that cheap paper is going to accumulate microscopic paper muck in my fountain pen nibs and clog same. To that end I decided to find paper to bring to work with me, since that is where I do most of my writing. Yes, I know, most people take the office supplies away from work. I make vast use of legal pads, so I struck out and found both Doane and Rhodia make legal pads. ...more

(A Few Of) My Favorite Things

I'd like to give nod to the things and stuff that bring me joy. Ladies and gents, bate your breath no longer, but behold... The Lucky Seven (or, AMP's Favorite Things) ...more