So You are The Teacher and He is the's WRONG. Oh, and He is 14 Years Old.

Truths from the Chaos                                                  So what’s your line in the sand ladies? THINK QUICK- --like I just threw you a football ---because no second chances. I imagine a Muscogee County school teacher accused of statutory rape involving a 14-year-old male student failed to ask this question befo...more

THE SHOCK DOCTRINE: men use it to force marriage & pregnancy on women

Carly says her boyfriend forced her to get pregnant to bully her into marrying him.  And Emma found out her husband's new baby was being had by an underage girl who works in their catering business.There's a method men use to scare you into doing what they want: "the Shock Doctrine."...more

The Gender Bias in Statutory Rape

Near the end of the school year, a 38 year old teacher was arrested in the suburbs of Chicago, charged with having sex with a former student (who is 16 years old). In addition to the inappropriate sexual relationship, the teacher also supposedly supplied marijuana to the gang in which the student belonged, and possibly even joined the gang. After the arrest, the teacher was allowed to return to the home in which the teacher's spouse and two young daughters resided. ...more
@Lauren8806 I guess there would be statutory rape defined in a legal sense and then moral rape ...more

Ad Campaign Against Statutory Rape Works Against Itself

I was appalled by this nonprofit campaign against statutory rape. Laurie and Debbie at Body Impolitic say: ...more