Starting a Mothers Group Transformed my Life

Starting a local mothers group was one of the best things I ever did....more

What's So Bad About Needing A Man? Kirsten Dunst, Gender Roles And "Frozen."

 Last weekend I finally sat down to watch "Frozen."  I've always been a fan of the Disney princess movie and after all of the fantastic reviews, I was psyched to watch it with my 22 year-old daughter; a born and raised Disney princess herself....more

Coming Out Of The Closet: The "Mom Uniform"

I have a confession to make:  I'm not a cop, fireman, nurse, or Navy seal, yet, like them, I wear a uniform.This uniform would make Stacy and Clinton of "What Not To Wear" want to strangle me.  Instead of tossing all of my hideous clothes from my closet into a trash can, they would emerge instead holding a dress and saying, "You have a closet full of lovely, stylish clothing, yet you repeatedly place upon your body some of the most depressing, oversized, downright ugly pieces we have ever seen.  Explain."...more

9 Things You Should Never Say to Stay at Home Mother.

9 Things You Should Never Say to Stay at Home Mother. What do you do ALL day? Watch daytime TV, have super long showers, go shopping for hours while my toddlers play and care for themselves. How come no one ever asks their caregiver this? Do you pick your child up from the day home  / day care / nanny and ask them what the heck kept them busy all day? I do what you did on maternity leave, or on a weekend, I've just been doing it for longer. ...more

Working Mom or Stay At Home Mom? Who Wants to Know?

I find it curious and interesting that questionnaires that do not 'require' or 'need' such information ask for this information. Why does a doctor's office need to differentiate whether a woman is a working mom or a stay at home mom? Does the care for that person or a child hinge or depend on what that woman allegedly does for a living? ...more
Sure.  I have a deep passion in my heart for moms of all kinds.  I like how you supported both ...more

An Ode to the Working Mom

Yesterday I had my first “back to work” experience since giving birth to Hannah. I’ve been blessed to be able to stay home with her for nine months. I’m also extremely thankful that I do not need to work full-time. I don’t take that for granted, I know that other mothers don’t have the same maternity benefits as us Canadian moms. I’m also aware that sometimes financial strain causes some mothers to go back to work full-time, despite their desire to be at home. On the flip side, I know some mothers who work full-time because they just couldn’t stand being home all day every day....more

Surviving Kindergarten from ‘Mom’s’ Perspective

My son just started Kindergarten this week and he was nervous but he did awesome.  He was excited to pick out his new school clothes, he thought riding the bus was cool and he even made a new friend the first day, but what about mom?!? ...more

Where Have all the Moms Gone? How the Internet Wrecked the Local Community

I am writing this sitting at yet another empty park. Where have all the moms gone? Up until about eight or nine years ago, I could take my kids to the park and know that there would be another lonely mom looking for some adult interaction. Now, when I go to the park, it is me, my littles, and the lawn maintenance man. I think I have spent more hours in the company of the lawn maintenance man than any other adult in the last few years....more
My mom friends are mostly women I liked before we had kids, though I did meet six amazing women ...more

Being a Working Mother Is Rather Traditional

You hear it all the time. Mothers are meant to be home with their children. Mothers aren't supposed to leave their babies with someone else and spend all day out in the workforce. Traditionally, women stay home and raise kids. This is often accompanied by some adage about indigenous cultures in the Global South (usually inaccurate and always offensive) or how prehistoric moms raised their cave babies, never leaving their children's sides until they died or reached adulthood. Except today's stay-at-home motherhood isn't anything like traditional motherhood, and most cave moms did work outside their caves....more
Loved this post!more

Stay at Home Mom But Our Finances Need HELP!!

The current state of our economy has forced many stay at home moms to reconsider their post. Many have made changes that have included cutting back on luxuries such as shopping, eating out, and extracurricular activities. There have been millions of coupons clipped to save here and cut back there, but sometimes all of that is still not enough. There are also a number of moms who have made the sacrifice of having a steady career to raise a family. But what happens your spouse's income simply doesn't exceed the amount of debt, bills, and expenses? ...more