What Now?

I'm not just remotely Type A. I am predominantly a Type A personality.For those who don't know, Type As are known for being ambitious, organized, driven and, yes, even a bit competitive. We are proactive, hate indecision, despise wasting time and just want to get to the point, so we can get to the next thing on our to-do list.So imagine, someone like me now living without days full of meetings, lists, tasks and action items. Well, it hasn't reached that point yet, but I am about to find out what that's like....more

So Thankful For This Life!

So Thankful For This Life! on: ...more

Just what do you *DO* all day?

I read this great q/a post by Carolyn Hax in the Washington Post today and almost got whiplash from nodding so vehemently. Even the most sensitive husband (again I remind you that I write from the point of view of the sometimes stay-at-home wife/mom, who also works sometimes, writes, volunteers, and does a thousand other things....more

Stay At Home Chic!

It's a typical Tuesday morning.  Your husband gets up, gets ready and goes to work while you are drinking a cup of coffee (in your pajamas) feeding the children.  He smiles and kisses you and the kids goodbye as he hurries out of the house while you continue feeding the kids and watch today's episode of Ellen. Sure, you have some work to do around the house, because there is always something to do.  But sometimes it doesn't even seem worth the work since you would have to clean everything twice anyway since kids always love "re-mes...more