Part Daycare, Part Dayspa. Just what the stay at home parent needs...

Today I posted a blog entry to my site which has received an overwhelming response from stay at home parents. I sat at home with the twin tornado wreaking havoc around me, and I put my head down and started typing (in an effort to ignore them). I thought about what I'd rather be doing than scraping playdoh from the tile grout, and fishing Transformer's from the toilet. Then I thought about what the twins would be better served doing, rather than licking the walls (literally...) and trying to dismember their toys. This is what I came up with.  My version ...more

Child Care for Stay at Home Parents?

Not a lot of blog time today, I really shouldn't even be on here as I should be getting my kids up and ready for school, then power clean my house and pack for our exciting spring break destination of Northern Alberta!  Seriously though, we're going to visit the hubs' family and celebrate his Grandma's 92nd birthday!  Anyways, just a quick, more of a question blog post today.  If you are a stay at home parent, how often, if at all, do you use any form of childcare?  I'm not talking about the babysitter on a Friday night so that you and your significant other can ...more