Mary Kay I go....hey ho hey ho

Well, today I am off to do a letter box drop to about 75 homes.  That is, I will fit that inbetween going to music school with my son and to the barn to be "beaten" up by my trainer, he comes once a week to train me and my horse.  We have a lot of work to do as we have a bunch of shows coming up....more

imperfectly perfect

it’s truly unbelievable how a house with two small children, one mom trying to work from home, keep the number of toys on the floor at or below 1,000, the dishwasher loaded, the kitchen counters crumb-free – ok, i think you get it – can go from good, to manageable, to totally and utterly out of control. take  monday morning for example. i am on the phone with someone from our corporate office going through a cash flow statement. no biggie....more

Ready, Set, Launch—Gulp!

As an entrepreneur, you know the feeling! Whether you're a solopreneur, mompreneur, intrapreneur (an entrepreneur within a company), a multi-million dollar entrepreneur—whatever level—that moment when the project is finished and you launch it to the world is daunting. You *think* you've thought of everything, dotted all your I's and crossed all your T’s, but invariably, something isn't quite perfect. ...more

My starting blog to introduce myself weight loss consultant

My name is Susan and I am new to this site. I am just finding my way around. I am a say at home mom but I am also a work from home stay at home single mom…yikes! ...more

I also lost my job due to the economy but have found it to be a blessing (not necessarily ...more