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My husband has been gone for the past 10 days elk hunting in Colorado.  My parents left this morning after visiting with the girls and me for a week to help out while he's been gone.  Their visit was all part of the plan for my husband's trip, and I am so glad they were able to come.  Of course I would have been able to manage if they hadn't (I'm obviously not the first woman to have to care for children by myself for a while),  but it sure did help that they were here....more

Tips for Adjusting to Stay-at-Home Motherhood

Here you are, a new stay-at-home mom! Has the job knocked you on your rear end yet? No, no, I’m joking! (Uh, sort of.) Stay-at-home motherhood is a rewarding, fulfilling -- even fun! -- job. But initial adjustment to stay-at-home motherhood can be really hard. It’s not often discussed at playgroups or Mommy-and-Me classes, but most moms struggle to find their footing upon first becoming stay-at-home parents. ...more

Being an SAHM is totally rewarding and I wouldn't trade it for anything. It's also the toughest ...more