The Tax Lady

My husband and I went to a tax preparer a few days ago. It was a pretty standard interaction for us, since we had gone to the same office for the past three years. We were well-practiced in what to bring, what to deduct, and how the appointment would proceed.The day was cold and gray, my husband in jeans and a zippered sweatshirt, and me in yoga pants and a zippered top, our hands smattered with dry latex paint from home.We waited patiently to be called, during which time my husband helped himself to the ‘fresh’ coffee, later remarking that fresh was a bit of a stretch....more
@PoetInThePantry AND she did our taxes wrong, leading us to have to amend our return, so there ...more

Reset Button

My husband has been gone for the past 10 days elk hunting in Colorado.  My parents left this morning after visiting with the girls and me for a week to help out while he's been gone.  Their visit was all part of the plan for my husband's trip, and I am so glad they were able to come.  Of course I would have been able to manage if they hadn't (I'm obviously not the first woman to have to care for children by myself for a while),  but it sure did help that they were here....more

Tips for Adjusting to Stay-at-Home Motherhood

Here you are, a new stay-at-home mom! Has the job knocked you on your rear end yet? No, no, I’m joking! (Uh, sort of.) Stay-at-home motherhood is a rewarding, fulfilling -- even fun! -- job. But initial adjustment to stay-at-home motherhood can be really hard. It’s not often discussed at playgroups or Mommy-and-Me classes, but most moms struggle to find their footing upon first becoming stay-at-home parents. ...more

Being an SAHM is totally rewarding and I wouldn't trade it for anything. It's also the toughest ...more