Knockout Steak Without the Steakhouse Price: Grilled Chuck Eye

  One of my favorite budget-friendly cuts of meat is chuck eye, specifically labeled as “beef chuck eye steak—first cut” where I shop. It costs much less than choice rib-eye, sirloin strip or T-bone, but it is very flavorful and tender. In terms of where it is located, it is the cut right next to the rib-eye. I discovered this cut of beef about 10 years ago when a butcher at my grocery store ranted and raved over it. She said it was good for grilling; it was tender, economical and great for feeding a crowd. She highly recommended it. ...more
Laurend1985 In Good Flavor I really hope it turns out well for you!!more

Strawberry and Steak Salad

Its strawberry season here in the Pacific Northwest! Farms left and right have set up berry stands everywhere, especially in the Puyallup/Sumner/Orting area. The other day I stopped by the Spooner Farms stand on Main St. and bought some of these beauties! I saved some for cooking, some for snacking and the rest were turned into jam. Yum yum!...more

Surf and Turf Stuffed Potatoes

Extra Helpings: How to Cook The Perfect Steak Indoors

Angela asks: It's too cold to grill outside, so how do I cook a perfect pan-seared steak indoors?...more