Me and My Steampunk Corset

Blogger’s note: This is NOT a sponsored post. I purchased this item (on sale) as a self-present for my birthday. If this post leads to a sponsorship in the future, weeeell, I don’t think anyone can fault me for that. Someone just had an awesome BlogHer post about body image featured, so maybe my timing here is slightly off, but you know what? My birthday present. My body image. I’m posting it. Because I love corsets! ...more
I commend you on being able to tie the corset on your own! My wedding dress had a corset,and it ...more

Day 2: Steampunk Reconnaissance + DIY tips

I'm a very careful shopper and find myself doing obsessive amounts of research before I commit to a final look. (Ok, I'm cheap--single motherhood and a large mortgage will do that to a person). But be honest, DIY doesn't always cost less than buying...and sometimes buying doesn't offer the exact look a person wants. ...more
I love the gramophone and that's a great price for that wall fixture!more

Industrial Art: Blueprints & Patent Drawings

Using oversized maps in home decor has been all the rage, and while I like it, I have certainly been pining for something different. So thank you, industrial steampunk, for finally becoming mainstream! We are science geeks and my son is a huge "MythBusters" and "How It's Made" fan. Industrial patent drawings have been on my radar for a long time. Here is what I have found...tell me these aren't OUSTANDING for an industrial space?? Wow...just, wow. ...more
@Denise, I saw your comments on WP, lol! They also have Monopoly drawings as well. LOVE this ...more


 The automobile, the aeroplane, Are useful gadgets, but profane: The enginry of which I dream Is moved by water or by steam....more
i googled it. strange. i'm in for next halloween. :)more