How To Deal With Blended Family Issues

I caught a post on my Facebook news feed today raising the question of dealing with blended family issues. I would like to say that we are one of the few lucky ones who don't have any issues being a blended family. But the truth is the opposite. We DO have issues. Most blended families have issues, whether we like to admit it or not. From feeling like you are living in the ex's shadow, to children not accepting you, to family still refusing to accept the fact that you have moved on with someone else..., all of us who have a blended family are facing those issues on a daily basis. What matters most is HOW we deal with those issues....more
Great advice...being a stepparent is one of the hardest jobs I have had.  And that with the ...more

What is enough to build a life on?

No Money Back Guarantee, No extended Warranty .... Can you blame me for asking if its in the cards? It really was in the cards, My favorite gypsy lady said the Man with the Child is a gift from God! Really? I swore I would never ever ever do this!! I took solemn vows to myself and several glasses of wine that I would never fall in love... Never get married again......more

But I took a picture of the cards... and a praying mantis and stuff... and it was just a pain to ...more

So Much Baggage You Need a Bellhop? Join the Crowd

In the 60's and early 70's, I sported a hippie wanna-be look. In retrospect, the look was a bit clownish. Afterwards, during the 80's, I wore – in public, mind you -- tight leggings with an oversized shirt. Even today I cringe when I view photographs of my hairstyles from the early 90's. What was I thinking? My grown children laugh uncontrollably when I tell stories about the “old days.” Bad clothing choices, weird jobs, and strange antics. Did I really do that? The past has a way of mixing embarrassment with a good dose of laughter. ...more

Sometimes pain is pain, and no amount of wisdom can make up for the fact that you hurt, and ...more