5 Guidelines for Step-Parents to Raise a Blended Family

Today is my step-son’s 22nd birthday. Twenty-Two! That is just crazy. I feel honored to have spent the last 14 years watching him grow into a wonderful young man. When I think about the last 14 years I get overwhelmed. Being a step-mom is not easy. I have sacrificed so much of myself, questioned my self-worth, and bit my tongue more times than I can count. The relationship I have with my step-son today makes it all worth it. ...more
Dr E Imperfect Nirvana, I love the truth in that statement. Thanks for the added tip!more

On Being the Step-Mom on Mothers Day

When I became a mother to my two boys, it was in the typical fashion: wanting babies, making babies, growing babies, birthing babies, loving babies....more

Loving the other (Little) Woman

“Loving the Other Woman” By Donna Munoz        She was a honeyed 5-year-old the day I met her. A tiny girl with dazzling, curly black hair, she sized me up with those little dark eyes, and things were, well, weird!      I had met my prince charming, but instead of a beautiful stunning horse, he came with a package, and her name was Alexa. Note: Actually, my husband also has a son, Benny. But Benny was always beautiful. The only words I have to write about him are those of gratitude in my heart....more

I'll think about that tomorrow..

I am a new mom.  "New" being that last year I had no children and this year I have a 6 year old.  My husband and I eloped last month and now my son had gleefully announced that I am his mom.  He seemed to do quite well with making extra cards for both his bio-mom and me.   ...more


I quarrelled with my mom several days before.

But on Mother Day, when I ...more