#SORRYNOTSORRY Why I Don't Care That My Stepdaughter Hates Me

#SORRYNOTSORRYMichelle was born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.  Her biological mother was an alcoholic and drank heavily all day, every day, while she was pregnant. Sadly, with every swill of Wild Turkey and drunken fall her mother took, Michelle was forced to take it right along with her.  ...more

Stepmoms: Grow by celebrating your faith through love!

  “… The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.” Galations 5:6 (NIT) Our faith will not only shine through, but be strengthened when we express it through our love. I apply this to my step-mothering. Step 1: I pray and ask God to help me love my children as He loves them....more

There's No Reset Button for Stepparenting: Tips for Resolving Conflict

We have those moments with our mothers, or sisters, our children, and even our husbands. No one is safe from an outburst. It could come at the worst of times, and it could come at the best of times. But what happens when you have that outburst and say something that hurts your stepchild? Well, it’s no different from saying something hurtful to your biological child, your own mother, or even your husband. The problem is the relationship surrounding the situation....more
Love the steps you have here, and will for sure be rereading them, but i just had to come and ...more