It shouldn't but it does hurt my feelings...

My husband father and stepmom had been married for over 40 years when he died suddenly 2 days before Christmas.  This was over 3 yrs ago now.  His stepmom has been part of his life for so long it's hard from him to remember her not being there,  we love her and the 2 stepbrothers like we do our own parents and brothers.  We still include them in all family parties and celebrations.  To us, nothing has changed.  But.......more

The Man Who Almost Was

 I'm scattered....more

Why I chose to let the "Other Family" Go

Why it hurts to be " The Other Child" Do I really want to share my story in the public eye Yes, I think I do, I know many others out there are in the same position and sometimes you just can't hold it in anymore....more

Blended Families Halloween Woes – Parenting Dilemmas

Our Story:...more