Boundaries & Stepfamilies

image credit: underestimate the importance of boundaries.When you don't have them you end up either walking all over the people in your life or getting walked on. Savvy stepfamilies make sure neither of these happens in their homes!...more

Great News!

So no - I did not set out to blog, journal, or even write a book about my family and how we went from trying to strangle each other to making it work better than I could have ever dreamed, but that is exactly what I did....more

Stepmonsters The Book: A Review and A Ramble

Just the title of the book conjures up all kinds of evil thoughts doesn't it? But, if you are a step-parent, this is the most reassuring book you will ever lay your hands on. ...more

Disrespecting StepMom

Everyone in the family looses when kids are encouraged and/or rewarded to disrespect their stepmom and their father. ...more
Hi, Heather. Thanks for what you do. Thanks for coming up with Smom! I've been struggling with ...more

Things My Husband Wished I Knew

Things My Husband Wished I Knew By Donna Dennis Munoz(Editor's Note: This article was written for the February issue of Stepmom Magazine at  ...more

When Baby Comes Along: Five Tips for Merging Your Step-Family

Author's note: My article was previously published in Stepmom Magazine at When I was pregnant with my eldest son, my stepdaughter came to live with my husband and me. The move caused her to struggle with feelings of jealousy, alienation and emotional stress. Most of those feelings were aimed at me, and she and I were hardly speaking. It was a painful and awkward time....more

Family: The Balancing Act

Making family time is important to me. How do you balance your children, relationship, and work life? (Guest Post by Ricki Lake, who can be found on Facebook or Twitter @RickiLakeShow)...more
Thank you, mi Amiga! @KarenLynnnmore

Multiracial, Living with a new step family border-line racist.

 Sorry, this is going to be a pretty long article.      I've wanted to write about this situation I've gotten put into for a while now, so I'm finally giving it a go. So for those of you that don't know my history, I'll explain briefly. I am a Hapa of half Asian descent, half Caucasian/Hispanic. My dad's side of the family is mixed between various Asian descents, and my dad is who I currently live with at the moment. My parents had gotten a divorce several years back when I was still in High School. My mom moved out and I remained home with my father. ...more
@Leona Shemza Excuse me? " glad you're not plain white toast?" Racism is ugly. Wasn't ...more

5 Tips for a Peaceful Back-to-School Transition for StepMoms

Back to School time means form time. You know those pieces of paper where parents and/or guardians are to be listed. Or not. Nothing seems to bring more angst at the onset of school like those dreaded forms. Actually, it’s not the forms themselves but being left off of them that can fuel an emotional fire deep within a stepmom’s heart....more
I never added my ex to school forms because he was not around. He didnt pay child support and ...more

New Family Traditions: Thursday night dinner

 We started a newe family tradition this week.  Dinner out with all the kids.  The plan is to have each person in the family pick which resturant we eat at on Thursday night.  This week was Nikki's pick and we ate at Red Robin.  Michael and I had never been there before....more
@KarenLynnn I like the idea of "no clean up." Maybe I should suggest eating out once in a while ...more