BlogHer Talks to Stephanie McAfee

We caught up with BlogHer Book Club author Stephanie McAfee recently. Stephanie's debut novel is Diary of a Mad Fat Girl. ...more

The Truth About the Mad Fat Road to Redemption

In March of 2007, I was happily married with a good job as a Spanish teacher, a nice home which I owned, and a fully-loaded black-on-black Maxima that I dearly loved. I had a very comfortable life with only one small problem: I was bored. So when my husband came home from work one day and said he wanted to join the Army (like my brother had done six months prior), I was all for it. Fast forward to March of 2010: I was an Army wife who had just quit a part-time job as a Math Interventionist (yes, you read that right, and no, I am not a math teacher), and I was driving a 1996 Land Rover which I parked in the driveway of our rental home. Downward spiral? I’d say so. ...more
I love how spontaneous the coming together of this book sounds!more

Diary of a Mad Fat Girl: Chiweenies, Friendship & One Amazing Self-Publishing Story

A good publishing story is a bit like a good fairy tale. It should have a quest, challenges, and above all, a happy ending. Stephanie McAfee, the author of our latest BlogHer Book Club selection, has all three. She also has the delightfully funny debut novel, Diary of a Mad Fat Girl. ...more
I saw a chiweenie on the way home tonight, and got all stupidly excited. I wish I'd taken a ...more

(EXCERPT) Diary of a Mad Fat Girl

Haven't had a chance to pick up BlogHer Book Club's pick, Diary of a Mad Fat Girl yet? Here's an excerpt to get you started. ...more