Stephanie O'Dea Named a Top Fifty Food Blogger + More!

Stephanie O'Dea (pictured below), blogger at A Year of Slow Cooking was named #3 blog in Cision's Top 50 Food Blogs. ...more
Congrats to all my @BlogHerPub friends! BIG accomplishments! Proud of you all! @stephanieodea ...more

Famous Women in Food

Quick! Name some famous women in the realm of the kitchen! Our mothers and grandmothers don't count, even if Mom's Famous Potato Salad is truly famous or Nini's Blackberry Jam Cake could woo people to do her bidding. Bubbie's Matzoh Ball soup doesn't count either. It may have been famous in her home, her family, her community--but truly famous?...more

Nigella Lawson. She is famous to me... She has this brownie recipe that... have ...more