How Many Twitter Followers Do You Really Have?

News of the Twitter app StatusPeople has been spreading around the Internet as people plug in Twitter handles to see how many active followers a person really has; meaning, live people who are checking into Twitter regularly and therefore have the possibility of seeing your tweet. Spambots and inactive users who haven't checked into Twitter for a while are culled out of the number leaving you with a smaller number but a more accurate number in determining who is listening... sort of. ...more
My Facebook blog page Living with Twitter Famous Daughters, by Cheryl Rick Klein deals with many ...more

My Top 6 Pies ... on Video

It's Friday night and I'm full of pie and feel like some mindless fun. Grab some popcorn (er, or pie) and settle in for my top six pie videos of all time ... 6 - Sweeney Todd, Worst Pies in London I'm not the world's biggest Sweeney fan but I do love this song. Here's Patti LuPone singing it on Broadway: ...more

Rally to Restore Sanity: How Being Reasonable Is Like Having a Cyclops Guinea Pig

The costumes were probably the best part of the rally. Beyond the inexplicable human bananas or Scooby Doos were the beautiful drag queens and the numerous zombies. Actually, the best part of the rally was the signs. Beyond the non sequiturs such as "I love waffles!" they ranged from truly moving ("Legalize Peace" held by an earnest, elderly lady) to truly hysterical ("What do we want? Brains! And when do we want it? Brains!"). ...more

My husband and I recently moved to D.C., and I'm so glad we're in a city that holds events like ...more

Halloween Costumes for the Pop Culture Inclined: Sookie, Snooki, Colbert and Zuckerberg!

So invitations to Halloween costume parties are posted on your fridge door with alerts programmed into your Blackberry, but what's your plan? Oh, sure, you could just go as a ghost or a cat (yawn), just as you did in 1981, '85, '91, and '97 -- but where's the fun in that? And you certainly don't want to buy a prepacked "adult sexy gypsy" costume, because that's just, well, sad. No, you are a woman of today! You want a costume that says, "I know what year it is, it's 2010, and my costume is au courant!" ...more

the Sexame Street! I went to a Halloween party a couple years ago and someone dressed as Flo, ...more

Stephen Colbert is an it-getter.

Neutral Man's Burden ...more

"Plus or minus black people"

The Colbert Report ...more

Jon Stewart as Philosopher King?

I struggled to decide on which of my pages to put this fascinating list of the American Journal of Bioethics Editors' Blog "Top 20 Essays of 2008". Bioethics criss-crosses disciplines and pushed the edge of thinking in science, health, reproductive rights, public policy--you name it. ...more


Mercifully, we're approaching the end of this campaign, a time to reflect on what we've learned: 1. Nothing should be taken for granted. Think Hillary. 2. Relationships can be destroyed by political disagreements. The evidence is you can't persuade anyone, most notably relatives, to share your point of view. Better to make calls to the battleground states. 3. Scandals and gossip don't stick. However significant they may appear while being discussed on cable news shows, they don't necessarily undermine a candidacy unless you're Gary Hart or John Edwards. ...more

Fashion Statement: Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert has proven himself to be quite the fashionista. When introducing Nancy Pelosi at Monday night's Glamour Awards, he had this to say: ...more