A Letter to the Mother of My Stepdaughters

In the beginning when I came onto the scene, it was really hard. All of the sudden, not only did a new man come into my life, but two beautiful little blonde girls came with him. I was living in an apartment, single in my thirties, and independently successful. The girls were sweet at 5 and 7 years old, such unassuming ages that they welcomed me right away. ...more

I Dream of Dog Walking

I dream of dog walking. It would be so wonderful to enjoy the company of those who don't talk back... for the most part... and are just happy to walk by your side. Or in front of you... dragging you face down on the pavement through that pile of poo they graciously laid for your viewing pleasure. Oh, to be living that dream. ...more

The Wicked Stepmother Story Sets a Child Up for Failure

Disney and other fairytales make the idea of blended families a scary concept. The message is clear: The scariest concept for a young girl is the absence of her real mother; she will forever be alone in a cold world, isolated and unprotected. ...more
I'm a stepmother. My daughter also has a stepmother at her other home. I've often thought that ...more

Pregnancy Brain is so real.

Since I got pregnant I have heard quite a few women I know mention "pregnancy brain", and I never believed all the talk, until... I got it myself.Yep, prego brain, I have a nice case of it! Forgetting things, getting side-tracked constantly, oh and not to mention crying at the most ridiculous moments....more

The Mommy Mafia

 As a head's up, this post is a short rant. If you're not up for a rant, read one of my other posts....more

5 Reasons To Love Being a Stepmother

The pitfalls of step-mothering are well-documented, from Cinderella to the Julia Roberts film 'Stepmom'. Popular culture tells us that step-mums are universally reviled and that they either resent or are resented by their stepchildren. Research tells us that children in blended families experience a range of problems and tend to do less well in school. Whole schools of counselling are dedicated to the particular problems experienced by step-families. All in all, the outlook is not optimistic....more