All Stepmothers Are Not Created Evil

I loved fairy tales when I was a child. And thanks to MeTV, I am still able to watch The Brady Bunch and relive some nostalgia. But in the episode  "Every Boy Does It Once," something Bobby Brady said really got to me. He and Cindy were discussing the show Cinderella, which they had just watched, and Bobby said something about evil stepmothers. Cindy said about her having an evil stepfather and that she wasn't worried. Bobby said that it's only the stepmothers who are bad. ...more
Stepmothers get a bad rap, maybe because of the fairy tales, who knows. But I'm a stepmother to ...more

My Modern Family Trumps Yours


A Letter to Maria

I am sure you would like to think that you destroyed us, my sister and I. Have you ever wondered what happened to the two little girls you abused for all those years? Do you smile thinking you got away with it? Do you think we just became two insecure, scared women? Well let me tell you what you DID manage to do to those two little girls so long ago.By keeping us in a dark basement and living in fear you tried to cower us.Instead you created two very brave girls that grew up to be even braver women....more

A Love Letter to My Son's Stepmom

When I learned you were going to be part of my son’s life, I couldn’t breathe.  I expected you to despise me, the ex-wife, in the way so many women do.  And I worried you’d see my little boy as a nuisance, someone to be tolerated because he was a reminder of me.  Would Connor annoy you when he had a tantrum or needed to be consoled?  When he spilled juice, would you be angry?  Young children affect vacation plans, dinners, quiet time.  Would you grow to resent him the way so many stepmoms do?  And would my little boy end-up broken and confused bec...more
What an amazing testament to you both! God bless you and Jill!more

My Full Time Job Stepmother

Stepmom: You are Called!

Stepmoms, have you ever questioned your decision to marry into a blended family? Do you ever wonder what your purpose is, or why even when you have the best intentions at heart, it often seems like an uphill battle? Well here's some good news for you. You have a grand purpose!You are Called!I Corinthians 4:2  "Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful."I Peter 4:10  "As every man hath received the gift, even so minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God."...more

Bio-Mom of the Year

Have you ever wished your stepkids’ bio-mom “got it” and “understood”? Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, this contributor is the ultimate bio-mom. Trish Eklund is gracious, communicative and open to her two daughters’ stepmother. Can we clone her?...more

Things My Husband Wished I Knew

Things My Husband Wished I Knew By Donna Dennis Munoz(Editor's Note: This article was written for the February issue of Stepmom Magazine at  ...more

So What About This "Narcissistic" Thing?

Originally posted here:...more

I AM the New Wave of Feminism

I Am the New Wave of Feminism I am the new wave of feminism.I see a gay black woman leading an organization side by side with a middle age white man....and it doesn't surprise me. I expect it.I have never known a time when I didn't have the same rights, same abilities, same expectations as my male counterparts.I believe femininity is as valuable a tool as hard work, strength, determination and will....more