Truth! It Takes A Village

There is truth behind the African proverb: “It takes a village to raise a child.”  And now that I have jumped into the role of caring for other humans, who depend on us 100% - I truly understand the importance of help from others, and unfortunately for me, my village is about 2,000 miles east of where I currently live -- so I tend to feel alone in this parenting gig.   I am doing right it?  I have no idea....more

A Letter to my Stepdaughter

Dear beautiful child,...more

Stepmom realness

I decided to start blogging about my own personal experiences when it comes to being a stepmom because as I have searched for different blogs, books, articles, or anything all I find are stepmoms who are angry at their husbands for not supporting them or they feel isolated, or their stepkids hate them or they have horrible ex-wifes to deal with....more

5 Things You Need to Know About Successful Stepfamilies

5 things you need to know about successful stepfamiliesApproximately 56% of second marriages with children under the age of 18 in Australia end in separation and divorce. Want to know what sets the 44% of successful stepfamilies apart from the rest?1. They understand that stepfamilies are different....more

Stepmonsters The Book: A Review and A Ramble

Just the title of the book conjures up all kinds of evil thoughts doesn't it? But, if you are a step-parent, this is the most reassuring book you will ever lay your hands on. ...more

Do You Need To Be Married To Successfully Blend Two Families Together?



I look in the mirror  and examine what’s reflected. I am going through that “mid-life crisis” time, a “re-evaluation” time. We start out as adults in the big world with our core values. We have the hard lines we think that we won’t let anyone cross. We type in BOLD on our hearts the things that matter the most and the deal-breakers....more
Because you loved him more than you loved yourself. I guess the tough question you need to ...more

The Wicked Stepmother

(This is Part Two of a 2-part story.  Read part one HERE)...more

I used to think I was cool... until I became a stepmomster

When did I become Un-cool?? The moment I became a Stepmother to teenage girls! I am sure this is a phenomenon that most parents go through when their sweet child turns in a tween, when you no longer become the cool mom that gets looked up to. When the days of adventures and silliness with your child turn into days of silence and eye rolling. I always thought I would be older when this happened to me. Not at age 27!...more