Why I Call Myself A Feminist (And You Should Too)

What a great post! Based on the definition of feminism in your post I would have to say that I ...more

Google Searches and Stereotypes

We all have that friend. The friend who in the middle of the conversation will pause to google whatever it is you're discussing or debating.  Occasionally I find it annoying but more often, especially since I don't have a "smart phone" myself, I find it satisfying and convenient. ...more

Top 10 Irish Stereotypes

Top o the mornin' to ya is a phrase that summons pictures of Ireland as surreal and outdated as this 1980s Irish Spring commercial. I'm sorry that it's true; I wish there were a place where sprightly people in green suits and jaunty hats wished me top o the mornin' but alas, it isn't so....more

Gossiping Tom

When it comes to gossiping, I guess the notion is that it is stereotypically a woman thing. But is it really? Last Sunday, I spent over an hour chatting with a girl friend of mine who I had not talked to in a long time. My husband found it rather amusing that we could spend so much talking over topics that weren’t really discussion worthy. He may have been right. We had been talking about a coworker’s fake eye lashes....more

Kids and Scientists: Media Stereotypes and Gender-bias

With all the talk of sex discrimination in science, I found this post over on Restructure to be an interesting one. It shows kids drawings of what they think a "scientist" looks like before and after a visit to Fermilab. Before the visit, scientists looked a lot like this:...more

Which Momma Are You?

Let me preface this post with an explanation that this is not the 1st time we’ve poked fun at our Momma friends nor will it be the last.  We love all Mommas here at Southern Momentum and if you do not see your silly stereotype listed below please fill free to comment and tell us which flavor Momma you are.  Come on, help us out … It’s all in good fun!...more

Skin Color in the World of Modeling

I just finished reading a not so surprising yet still disturbing article out of Newsweek on Sunday. It focused on the latest edition of Italian Vogue. This month's edition featured all black models, which is supposed to give impetus to other magazines and modeling agencies to hire more diverse models, other than the standard iconic Barbie type. This article is a must-read. ...more