Embracing Your Label

Every person you know has one recognizable quirk or trait. A label. We can't build relationships without bridging connections between someone's face and something memorable about them, for good or bad. We all have a dramatic friend, bossy acquaintance, funny co-worker, or relative with that slightly unique habit, interest, or downright unbelievable belief. We're one or more of those things to someone else....more

When You Are No Longer Fat

When you are no longer fat, so many things change....more


  "There is deep wisdom within our very flesh, if we can only come to our senses and feel it." ~Elizabeth A....more

How In The World Are We Going To Get Young Italian Americans To Preserve Their Heritage?

How in the world are we going to get young Italian Americans to preserve their heritage when we're surrounded by negative stereotypes in the media? ...more

It’s ...more

Blogging While Female: NYT, Salon on BlogHer

(NOTE: I posted this article today on the Poynter Institute's E-Media Tidbits blog, which is read mainly by professional journalists. I'm cross-posting it here because it's relevant to BlogHer.)  On Sunday the New York Times ran a front-page feature on a conference I recently attended: BlogHer 2008, the fourth annual conference for and about female bloggers. ...Well, front page of the Fashion & Style section, that is. Several bloggers complained that the Times article by Kara Jesella focused too heavily on stereotypically "girly" stuff -- from its lead ("For two days last week, many of the men's bathrooms at the Westin St. Francis Hotel here were turned into women's bathrooms."), to its details ("There was a lactation room, child care, and onesies for sale emblazoned with the words 'my mom is blogging this.'"), to its dismissive jabs ("It has since evolved into a corporate-sponsored Oprah-inflected version of a '60s consciousness-raising group.") I noticed these flaws when I first read the article. Nevertheless, I still said it was "pretty good." By that, I meant (and should have clarified at the time) "better than I expected from the Times, whose leaders reflexively slam bloggers as barbarians at the gate. Baby steps." Here are the good points as I see them... ...more

I noticed males and even a few females making comments on the NYT criticism such as ...more