Sexual Assault and Social Media: What You Need to Tell Your Kids

That social media and sex are intertwined is no surprise....more

Help Make Little Girls' Voices Carry

By Estelle Sobel ErasmusSo I was an advocate for my daughter the other day. And how I acted made a difference in her experience of being heard, I believe.About a month ago, my nearly four-year-old daughter  came home from pre-school telling me about a boy, who touched her on the nose and kissed her hand. She didn't like it."He kissed my hand mommy and touched my nose, and I said no," she told me. She also told me that he was from another country and didn't speak English yet....more

In the Wake of Steubenville

I'm going to be honest. I've had a pretty serious case of feminist fatigue as of late. I've identified as a feminist for two of three decades of my life. In the past 5 years, thanks in large part to taking on a Women's Studies minor in my undergrad work, and in large part to the feminist circles I run in on these here internets, my knowledge and awareness of feminist issues has exploded....more

Modern Sexism

The problem is subtlety. The problem is "how far we've come." The problem is enlightenment. The problem is a society that congratulates itself on the freedom and equality all face when compared to how it was, when compared to where it is elsewhere. This is the problem....more


In my 12 years as a mom I have had to teach my daughter many life lessons. Of course I taught her how to walk and how to talk. How to eat properly at the table. How to say "please" and "thank you." How to comb her beautiful curls without flattening them out. And, since she hates them now, how to straighten her hair with a flat iron. I've tried to teach her how to make a bed and fold her clothes. We're still working on those. But last night, I taught her perhaps one of the most important lessons of her life. How not to get herself raped by her friends. Sad isn't it? ...more

What the Steubenville Verdict Taught This Mother

This past weekend the verdict was handed down the Steubenville, Ohio rape trial of two teenage boys. The verdict, crime and victim have been hotly debated. The defense attorney in me looked at the story one way. While the mom in me looked at it another.  It is as the mother of a son, who is a good boy, that I write this article. As mothers of sons,  it is important for us to realize we are our sons' first and most important teachers and we must be specific when teaching our sons life lessons....more
@penina I don't know how to teach my son who is 19 that life changing moments happen in an ...more

I Call Bullsh*t.

Apologies in advance.  This post will contain foul language, grammatical errors and abuse of parenthetical statements.  I am sorrier for the grammatical errors and abuse of parentheses. (If you have trouble with my using the word bullshit and other profanity, I have the okay from Norman Lear.  Good enough for me.)...more

Promises to My Son

The greatest compliment I ever received about being a mother came before Mr. Pants was ever born. I wrote about it here. It was  my brother telling me that it was a good thing that I was having a boy. This post is inspired by that and by the recent convictions of two teenage boys in Steubenville, Ohio. I started thinking about the lessons I want to teach my son. How can I guide him so that he is a good man?...more
@michelle213akron I agree that example speaks so much louder than any "teaching" ! Kids see ...more