Celebrity Family Feud: The Annoying Wife


From Steve Harvey To A 12 Gauge: The Life and Death of Merlin Santana

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Do you know what you are made for?

Sep 17, 2014...more

An Open Letter to Steve Harvey

I've followed the career of Steve Harvey for years now, from The Steve Harvey Show (with Romeo & Bullethead) to his comedy specials on cable TV, Family Feud, his new daytime talk show & on the radio. I have always had a very high opinion of him. The work he is doing mentoring young men is amazing. Last week, he said something on his radio show that didn't sit well with me. It was regarding some bloggers that didn't agree with his opinions on the whole Mimi Faust sex tape ordeal. ...more

(VIDEO) "Letter to Lil Wayne" -- Young Black Girls on Misogyny in Hip-Hop

When rapper Lil Wayne was released from prison last year after being incarcerated for eight months on a gun possession charge , Hip-Hop media outlets and his fans welcomed him home with open arms. ...more
WOW! I wonder if Lil Wayne saw this music video, I hope he does and see his reaction. Women are ...more

Mary Harvey: Making Black History by Starting to Think Like a Man

Whatever the rights and wrongs of a relationship gone wrong, I feel no-one outside of any ...more

Do You Need to "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man" for Love?

Months ago, I noticed that comedian Steve Harvey had a relationship advice book on the New York Times Best Seller List. I sighed loudly. My husband asked me what was wrong. "It seems that once again I screwed up and didn't follow the rules - I forgot to act like a lady. You'll probably leave me any day now." My husband rolled his eyes and went back to reading the Wall Street Journal. I put the book out of my mind. ...more

Though I don't agree with all you stated, you do offer a poignant perspective. The book was ...more