Steve Wozniak Says "Jobs" Is "Not a Quality Movie." Is He Right?

Jobs starring Ashton Kutcher as the enigmatic Apple co-founder, has been getting a lot of negative critical reaction, even from Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak, who recently said that it "wasn't a quality movie." The film may not be a Hollywood blockbuster with explosions and comic book heroes, like many other of this summer's film offerings, but it isn't a slanted pseudo-hagiography, either. ...more
A movie like this depends on film done before the subject's death.  Mr. Jobs was a private ...more

The Gift of Precision: iPhone and Android

In this month of gratitude, today I give thanks for ... enough. Delivering exactly what's required in any situation with absolute precision ... that is a beautiful and deceptively simple thing. ...more
Thanks for the comments, everyone. Still can't figure out how to get my phone alarm to SNOOZE ...more

Happy New Year—You’ve been Hacked!

On Wednesday, at 7:00 a.m., a  phone call from my niece woke me up.  “Are you planning a trip to Scotland?” she asked.  It took me a while to digest this question, but I soon learned that my niece—and evidently a large number of contacts from my Yahoo mail account, had received the following e-mail from “me”, sent  at 4:06 in the morning.  (I received it too....more

Life Lessons from Steve Jobs - Where Do They Show Up & How In Your Life?

The 600 page Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson isn't one I've picked up yet but have been meaning to...Lance Ulanoff recently finished it and wrote a piece on Mashable about lessons learned -- aka insights -- from the man who was mysterious to so many of us, yet has been described in multi-faceted ways: creative, driven, intense, mean, focused, innovative, entrepreneurial, masterful, and a genius....more

How much longer? Road Trip Reflections on Life, Death and What We Can Learn from Steve Jobs' Passing

Another road trip. This time to celebrate a truly momentous occasion: my dad’s 75th birthday. A big party was planned. My brother was flying in from the west coast. Loads of people had rsvp’d to attend this amazing milestone: three-quarters-of-a-century of a life well-lived, and largely devoted to enriching the lives of others through his warmth, eternal optimism, intellectual curiosity and legendary cooking....more

3 Ways to Stop Procrastinating

By Marjie Killeen, Contributor- Midlife Wisdom...more

An Open Letter To Bully Bosses: Steve Jobs’ Greatest Failure Should Be Your Greatest Success

Yes, Steve Jobs changed the world. He was brilliant, fearless, courageous and undeniably successful by all measures but one. See these HBR laudatory reviews? I agree with them all....more

Did "Alternative Medicine" Kill Steve Jobs?

When they first discovered the tumor in his pancreas in October 2003, his doctors told him an immediate operation was necessary, and could lead to a cure....more

Pancreatic Cancer On My Mind

I bet even those living on the moon have heard about Steve Jobs’ passing due to pancreatic cancer.  Like many, I feel very impacted by his death.  Like many who have lost loved one’s to that terrible disease, I have mixed emotions.  I am very sorry for his passing, for the loss to his family and to the world.  I am feeling grateful that Jobs’ death has people thinking and talking about pancreatic cancer for a change, and in the midst of Pink October, of all months!  But I also resent that it takes such a big name death to get people talking about pancreatic cancer.<...more

Steve Jobs - Impact on the Disability Community

As the world heard recently, Steve Jobs the Co-founder and CEO of Apple Inc., passed away of pancreatic cancer.  He was an innovator, an entrepreneur and a genius.  Few could argue about his contributions to the technological world of computers.  I wonder if he ever truly imagined the impact Apple would have on so many.  Did he know what kind of doors it opened for people with disabilities? IPads are now being used to facilitate learning and communication for adults and children with Autism and other...more