New Mules.

I never thought I'd buy a pair of mules again.I haven't given the shoe much thought since the 7th grade, when I wore a lot of pleated plaid and monkey fur coats from Gadzooks. But after seeing it make a resurgence on the runways + streets of the big fashion cities, I found myself browsing online for a pair of mules. Oh fashion, you cyclical wench....more

Look-alike Valentino pumps cause a major shoe-gasm at DSW

I love a good shoe as much as the next woman. As a matter of fact, when Barneys New York had its final seasonal clearance before closing its Dallas store, I couldn’t decide between a pair of Louboutin and Pierre Hardy heels…. So I bought them both. I’ve since tempered my tastes for couture footwear by finding awesome look-alikes, and that’s exactly what happened to my best friend Dawn a few weeks ago. She’s been hopelessly in love with a pair of pointy-toe, Valentino bow pumps but alas, she has a family and responsibilities and couldn’t justify spending $800 on a single pair of shoes....more

If the shoe fits . . .

I've been thinking quite a bit lately about the theories behind our fashion choices, which is incredibly fascinating to me but perhaps not so much to everyone. I've also given up shopping for this month (which is probably related to my new interest in theorizing fashion) which is also perhaps more interesting to me than to anyone else. And while I am still voraciously devouring fashion media, I was a little bit at a loss today when I sat down to write. So I did what any good fashion writer does, and I asked the people what they wanted to hear about. ...more

I love most of these shoes, but I don't think that they'd work in my every day life. The heels, ...more