Social Media Trends We'd Love to See Disappear in 2014

They were fun when they were new, but now these social media trends are like that last guest at the party who can't take the hint that it's time to leave. Here are the trends we'd love to see disappear in 2014. ...more
I always feel like I'm communicating with a Muppet. Thanks for bringing your concerns to the ...more

Happy Birthday Frank Oz

Not only is Frank Oz the puppeteer and voice of Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Cookie Monster, Bert, and Grover, but he has directed some of my favorite comic films. And of course he is the man behind Jedi Master Yoda. Sounds like it's time for a Frank Oz film fest, but which one to watch first? Little Shop of Horrors is a hoot, with Rick Moranis and Ellen Greene an adorable couple, Audrey II as a very impressive space alien plant, and Steve Martin as a particularly creepy dentist....more

Would You Like Some Wine With Your Nose?

Linda said I watch a lot of zombie movies. Maybe too many....more
So true. The bad rep that lines have gotten makes me a little sad. Jerks should stop using them, ...more

Are You There Steve Martin? It's Me Random Chick.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a little…well, random. My latest random goal is to get Steve Martin to respond to one of my tweets on Twitter. Yes, that Steve Martin (or @SteveMartinToGo that Steve Martin)....more

I love that picture with the "fake arrow" through his head. How do you download pictures to your ...more

"It's Complicated" Is Simple, After All

by Patricia Yarberry Allen I have been waiting to see Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin, with all their middle age glory, in a state of postcoital bliss for months now.I was not disappointed to see the eternal adolescent, Jake – played by Alec Baldwin— seducing his former wife, Jane, played by Meryl Streep....more

Father Knows Best: Images of Fathers in Popular Culture

Images of fathers surround us on television, in the movies, and through celebrity photography. Portrayals of good dads, bad dads, absent dads, well-meaning-but-feckless dads are everywhere. For Father's Day, I thought it would be fun to look at some of the iconic fathers who appear in popular culture. ...more

Liked it that you included Brad Pitt as himself, he's getting so much publicity with all these ...more