Harry Potter Lexicon In Stores Now: Does Anybody Care?

Last week the Steve Vander Ark finally saw his Harry Potter Lexicon hit bookstore shelves. Yes, the one that is based on the Harry Potter Lexicon website. And yes, it is the book that J.K. Rowling sued Vander Ark over and won. So how did it make its way to shelves? Good question. ...more

Beedle was okay.  A cute little book with cute little storie that I'll be able to read to my ...more

JK Rowling Wins Lexicon Lawsuit

Author J.K. Rowling has won her case against the publishing house RDR and author Steve Vander Ark over the Harry Potter Lexicon. It was a case that had people contemplating copyrigt and fair use. Was Vander Ark's copy and pasting of information from the books, without attribution, covered in fair use? If the case went in JKR's favour would it be a blow to all reference books? The answer to both, as ruled by Judge Robert Patterson, is no. ...more

If/when JKR decides to publish a Lexicon herself. More court dates? ...more