Steve Woniak's 62nd Birthday Draws Drew Carey & Silicon Valley Geeks

Steve Wozniak, known by most as “Woz,” turned 62 years old this week. While the world at large knows his name as co-founder of Apple, today he sits as Chief Scientist at a company called Fusion-io, whose chief focus is to deliver data faster.Their pitch of their ioMemory platform is that it accelerates databases, virtualization, cloud computing, big data, and the applications that drive our economy and our daily lives....more

Steve Wozniak & Leonard Nimoy Add Energy to the Stage at the Temple Bar

I'm a long time fan of the DEMO Conferences and events and have been attending for well over a decade (since the start of their events really, but let's not date myself that much shall we?). This past week, they held an evening event called DEMO Enterprise Disruption at San Francisco's Temple Bay & Nightclub at was so well organized that it felt like a shorter version of their twice-a-year launch events. (in the states that is as they're now doing events around the world)....more