The BFG Delights Fans of the Book

Coming to theatres is a film for the child in us all as beloved writer Roald Dahl, director Steven Spielberg and DreamWorks Pictures brings us THE BFG. Sophie (Ruby Barnhill) is a young girl living in an orphanage. Wandering the halls when the other children are asleep, something outside in the night has caught her attention. Knowing better she can’t help but throw open the doors to see for herself. ...more

BRIDGE OF SPIES Shares Its Secrets on Bluray

This week on Bluray from director Steven Spielberg, DreamWorks Pictures and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is the riveting look into our nation’s history with five time Oscar nominated film BRIDGE OF SPIES. This film tells the story of a very untrusting time in our nation’s history. Rudolf Abel (Mark Rylance), a KBG intelligence officer, has been arrested. Angering the judicial system and the public, getting anyone to take on his case is a problem. When James B. Donovan (Tom Hanks) is recruited, he knows the problems he will face. ...more

Quick Review: The Adventures of Tintin

@Tinseltine Really! The kids loved it and have been begging to go see it again! I haven't seen ...more

Tintin (yawn) goes on an adventure

Original post at xoxoxo eThe Adventures of Tintin was ... OK. I am SO glad I didn't spring for 3D or IMAX or any of the other wallet-gouging gimmicks, because then I would be really pissed. It has a nice beginning, and then a really slow and frankly boring middle, a great chase scene which could have wrapped up the movie, and then it continues for at least another half hour — it's just too damn long for a cartoon....more
We went to TinTin over the weekend and my kids loved it! I also got such a kick out of Captain ...more

What Is Your Favorite Steven Spielberg Movie?

Many people are astonished that the founder of Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg) is only 27 years old and the world's youngest billionaire. Today's poll would like to celebrate another former prodigy and media world changer, Steven Spielberg. He was also only 27 years old when he directed Jaws, the first summer movie blockbuster, released in 1975....more
thanks for a fun poll and a stroll down memory lane! :) more