Chickpea stew with carrots and chard

Chickpea stew with carrots and chardIn these days of cold and damp, who does not fancy a plate of spoon. Here I present a very easy and quick to do, because in a hurry and did not want liarme much in the kitchen....more

15 MUST TRY Soup Recipes

Soup season is here! Soups make a great wholesome meal when the weather gets cold. They are a way to pack lots of flavors into a nutritious one-bowl meal, using all kinds of goodies from your refrigerator and pantry. There isn’t much that you can’t add to a soup. The best part about soup is that it ages well and you can warm it up in just a matter of minutes....more

Irish Stew Recipe

This is a recipe for a hearty Stew made with Guinness Beer, a dry Irish Stout....more

Hungarian Pepper Stew

A comforting and easy to make Pepper Stew that is a family tradition.For the recipe:  Hungarian Pepper Stew RecipeEnjoy!...more

Light and Hearty Saffron Chickpea Stew

Wind, snow and frost… although the first day of winter is technically December 21st, it’s already here. Which means I’ll be eating 50% more bread than usual and making plenty of warming dishes in an attempt to feel cozy.Speaking of bread, it’s easy to gain a little winter weight when it’s cold outside and you’re craving something with loads of fat to keep you warm. This light and hearty saffron chickpea stew is a deliciously warming dish that fills you up without weighing you down....more

Sweet and Spicy Black Beans and Rice

Habaneros. They're so coy. Deceivingly innocent with their adorable lantern shape; they don't even smell spicy! We've had them at work for a while and I've been eying them. They just look so...inviting. I don't get a lot of spicy things out here. It's definatley something I miss about the city because Southern Maryland certainly does not do spicy foods. ...more

Slow and easy, beef braised oxtail....

I am so lucky to call The Albert Cuyp market in Amsterdam, my local market.  Even more so since they introduced an organic market day every Wednesday.  This started last year, as a bit of an experiment to see if the very traditional, conservative Amsterdammer (yes, contrary to popular belief, they can be very conservative) would welcome such a change.  I for one Amsterdammer hope that more do....more

Beef Stew

Confused Thai Beef Stew

This is a stew with a minor identity crisis. It was the offspring of a shopping expedition which resulted in an eclectic collection of ingredients and a complete lack of desire on my part to waste an afternoon in the kitchen when there was some glorious sunshine to enjoy. I served it up with some buttery mash and there was nearly all out war over seconds.  Ingredients15g fresh ginger6 cloves garlic1 bunch Thai basil leaves1 red chilli2 kaffi...more