Saying “Bipolar” And “OCD” Casually Doesn't Make You Quirky Or Edgy

It happened again last night, around 10 pm. Sometimes there’s an inciting incident, but more often than not it comes for no clear reason at all.I’ve been living with Bipolar II for about three years now (at least, that’s as long as I’ve known), and at this point I can recognize the signs from a mile away.Everything is starting to feel… slower. It’s like there’s static from an old television in the back of my head, and it’s getting louder.I’m about to be in the midst of a depressive episode....more

I'm Not Brave – I'm Stubborn

One of my friends, who is overweight, recently told me that when she was at the gym on the treadmill, a stranger came over to her and told her she was "an inspiration."My friend felt insulted. She was working out for herself and for her health, not to inspire anyone else or to be taken as a symbol of I-don't-know-what – perseverance? attitude? effort? hope?I feel sort of the same way when people say that because I am open and public with my bipolar disorder that I am "brave."I'm not doing this because I'm brave. I'm doing it because I'm stubborn....more

Why is there still a stigma against being on the dole?

I will admit it. During a long period of unemployment, I have received job seekers allowance. I received fifty pounds a week to sit about in my Sesame Street pajamas and apply for increasingly crappier sounding jobs, with my only company being the Loose Women panel. I had to fill in a little paper booklet where I diligently recorded details of the jobs that I applied for. I felt isolated from the world; socially excluded. My days and my actions felt tiny and insignificant, to the point that they blended into one....more
J-MOM Thank you for your comment. I completely agree. It seems as if it's just much easier to ...more

#NoShameDay: Today, I Explained My Bipolar to my Kids

Today is No Shame Day, a day of remembrance, solidarity and support for those we've lost to suicide and those who continue to struggle. If you've read me for more than a month, then you know that I have bipolar II disorder and that I am open and honest about what I go through every day to stay on this side....more

Time To Change: My Pledge

From my blog, Take It Easy...more

The Silent Fighter

Since it is Mental Health Awareness Week, I am sure we will hear all the ways to fight stigma and about the most vocal stigma fighters. And I believe, rightfully so, these people deserve their recognition. However they are not my focus for this post. I want to recognize and thank the silent fighters. I want to recognize those who live day to day beyond the stigma....more

Dear Abby, My Mom is VERY Proud of My Weight

This morning I saw a post about Dear Abby on The Anti-Jared. Appears a young woman was told by her mother she couldn't wear her bikini to the family pool gatherings. At first Abby suggested the woman should follow her mother's wishes as it is her home and her rules....more

Help Stigma Fighters Become a 501C3

Stigma Fighters is a blog series that I created where real people with mental health issues are sharing their journeys.  People living with PTSD, PPD, ADHD, depression, panic disorder and other mental health issues are being candid about their struggles. I am truly amazed by the bravery in these journeys. ...more

Dirty Sex

Hello #BlogLovers,If you're following me on Twitter, you know that I’ve been spreading this term around .Sex.It’s what I do for a living.NO. Get your mind out of the gutter! I talk about it for a living and obviously a hobby: sex education that is.Believe it or not, in real life I don’t open up about my private matters; and it even took time for me to come around and tell my best friend about Jon* and what happened during the break up....more

Will My Child’s Label Become a Scarlet Letter?

Over the last few days I’ve read or listened to some very disturbing conversations regarding my children, one with Bipolar Disorder and the other with Aspergers. It honestly feels like our family is wearing a scarlet letter. People believe that all evil comes from families like mine and if society would just remove my children, the world would be a safer place. More than once, I’ve listened to reasoning from individuals that claim the solution to all mass shootings is to have a registry for all people with “labels” or those taking medication so the government can monitor them....more