Help Stigma Fighters Become a 501C3

Stigma Fighters is a blog series that I created where real people with mental health issues are sharing their journeys.  People living with PTSD, PPD, ADHD, depression, panic disorder and other mental health issues are being candid about their struggles. I am truly amazed by the bravery in these journeys. ...more

Dirty Sex

Hello #BlogLovers,If you're following me on Twitter, you know that I’ve been spreading this term around .Sex.It’s what I do for a living.NO. Get your mind out of the gutter! I talk about it for a living and obviously a hobby: sex education that is.Believe it or not, in real life I don’t open up about my private matters; and it even took time for me to come around and tell my best friend about Jon* and what happened during the break up....more

Will My Child’s Label Become a Scarlet Letter?

Over the last few days I’ve read or listened to some very disturbing conversations regarding my children, one with Bipolar Disorder and the other with Aspergers. It honestly feels like our family is wearing a scarlet letter. People believe that all evil comes from families like mine and if society would just remove my children, the world would be a safer place. More than once, I’ve listened to reasoning from individuals that claim the solution to all mass shootings is to have a registry for all people with “labels” or those taking medication so the government can monitor them....more

I was Horrified! Mental Patients are Not Monsters!

This Halloween our community clubhouse had their annual haunted house. As we were about to attend the event with our older boys, I noticed that the haunted house was titled “The Asylum”. The invitation read, “Attempt to maintain your sanity as you tour through ‘The Asylum!’”Hmmm... We decided that it was probably best to stay home since my son has a mental illness. I expected the event to be a little offense, but I seriously underestimated!...more

Online Reputation Management for Sex Bloggers

I chose to live a transparent life, to come "out" as a sex blogger because I believe being out is a safer place to be than being in the closet. Make no mistake, I'm no altruist; I do what I do because doing it makes my situation better than not doing it. The reason I am so strongly supportive of other people choosing to live an open life is solely because coming out of the closet is a vaccine against blackmail, emotional abuse, and shame. ...more
I am already totally bumming on this front.  At one point at least, due to a perfect storm of ...more

"It's Not Fair to the Normal Kids." Are You Kidding Me, Lady?

I told her that my son has autism and she responded, "oh, my nephew is autism." Yes, she said it like that -- should have been my first clue. She continued: "They try to stick him in with the normal kids, but I just don't think it makes any sense. It's not doing ANYONE any good having him with NORMAL kids...." ...more
sunblindedone He is in a private school, so it is legal.more

THE POWER OF RISING ABOVE - A father breaks the silence of his son's suicide

Stigmas can hold many people in bondage.  Out of fear, when someone dies by suicide, I have witnessed first hand, individuals who hold that information closely to them, praying no one will ask them how the person died, or find out it was by suicide.  Why?  Fear.  There is fear of being judged, fear of being ridiculed, and protection for the individual that was loved, not wanting that person to be made less than they were due to one decision they made during their deepest, darkest moment in life....more
 @victorias_view Thank you Victoria.  I think you said this so well, and it's powerful to be in ...more

The naked truth about stigmas

"Penis.  Vagina.  STD.  Breasts.  Groin.  Sex."  These are some of the words that I was appalled to see posted on the lunchroom wall of an elementary school.  I was not only appalled.  I was embarrassed.  'Is this what our education system has resorted to?' I thought to myself.  'Handing out condoms in high school was not enough?'  The school system flaunted blatantly sexual words in front of elementary school readers, and my instinct was to judge, and run....more

Stigma Spelled 'S-U-I-C-I-D-E'

I checked the mail today.  Inside was a large yellow envelope addressed to me from the Regional Supervising Coroner’s office.This envelope, I hoped, would contain some answers about my husband’s death that had been unclear.  When the police told me they had found my husband they took a guess as to what had happened.  A day later they retracted.  At any rate, it was clear there was uncertainty. ...more
 @CrisGas Thank you for sharing pieces of your story CrisGas.  I feel for you.  I think it's a ...more