Who Do You Tell -- and When -- When Your Child Has a Mental Illness?

I once read “If your child has cancer, people bring you casseroles, but if your child has a mental illness, they stay away.” I’m sad to say that we’ve faced this in our own community. Our son lost his best friend after a rage with me. Once I explained the situation to the parents, they ended their friendship. This is still painful for my son today, almost 3 years later. He still talks about this child, draws pictures of her and still tries to find her new phone number. If I could restore this relationship, I would in an instant. My heart aches for the loss he feels....more
@DesiValentine4 Thank you DesiValentine for sharing your mum's story. I love what you said ...more

Confusing the Neighbourhood

 A very dirty Milo as he was delivered back to me this afternoon!...more

Depression Knows No Race or Religion

May marked my one-year anniversary on vitamin L, and it's finally time to talk about it. I am Asian American and Christian, struggling with anxiety and clinical depression, and I take vitamin L - or Lexapro to be exact - to treat it. It's been one year since I decided enough was enough. I was tired of being tired. Tired of being sad. Tired of always feeling on edge about almost anything. ...more
I really agree that depression is not something to be swallowed as inevitable suffering. I have ...more

One and Done

My husband and I want only one child. You may not know this (especially if you've been able to survive the baby epidemic up until now) but having or wanting only one child makes you a bit of an anomaly. In fact, sometimes I feel as if people treat me like I'm contagious, as if my willingness to allow my uterus to shrivel up will most certainly send theirs into early retirement. I assure you I'm not that powerful.  For the most part....more

Competence Compensation

Thank you. I'm glad you have slowly found the balance you need to feel your feelings for what ...more

The Fibro Paradox

Most people with Fibromyalgia know that exercise and activity are supposed to help with fatigue and pain.  The main problem here is that many people with fibro are too tired, and in too much pain to start a program, so we live in this paradoxical state.  I live on my side and view through a flimsy billowing gauze curtain, or perhaps an opaque wall of mist, what my life perhaps could be like if I could only make myself get active.  And on my side, I start to beat myself up that perhaps it’s not the fibro (or the hypersomnia) but perhaps it’s just that I am lazy.  That’s w...more

How We Have Yet to Change

It may be 2010, but in one very big way we're still locked in the past. It took Gail Collin's book, When Everything Changed, to make me see how we have yet to change....more

AOL News Story Calls Postpartum Depression A "Crock"

How many posts am I going to have to write?  How many letters to the editor are people going to have to send?  How many advocates shouting down the stigma will it take? ...more
I kind of agree with this to a certain extent. they slap a label on everything nowadays, the ...more

mental illness stigma

the following essay was originally posted by Mez Dispenser at http://meslin.wordpress.com/2010/01/02/talking-about-despair/  "Let’s talk about despair.I’m sitting in a bar in Bowmanville, the Village Inn, drinking a gin & tonic and reflecting on the funeral service I attended an hour ago. I knew David Rice through our shared community work. He was a volunteer with the Toronto Cyclists Union. He was my age, born in 1973. Last week, he took his own life....more