"It's Not Fair to the Normal Kids." Are You Kidding Me, Lady?

I told her that my son has autism and she responded, "oh, my nephew is autism." Yes, she said it like that -- should have been my first clue. She continued: "They try to stick him in with the normal kids, but I just don't think it makes any sense. It's not doing ANYONE any good having him with NORMAL kids...." ...more
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THE POWER OF RISING ABOVE - A father breaks the silence of his son's suicide

Stigmas can hold many people in bondage.  Out of fear, when someone dies by suicide, I have witnessed first hand, individuals who hold that information closely to them, praying no one will ask them how the person died, or find out it was by suicide.  Why?  Fear.  There is fear of being judged, fear of being ridiculed, and protection for the individual that was loved, not wanting that person to be made less than they were due to one decision they made during their deepest, darkest moment in life....more
 @victorias_view Thank you Victoria.  I think you said this so well, and it's powerful to be in ...more

The naked truth about stigmas

"Penis.  Vagina.  STD.  Breasts.  Groin.  Sex."  These are some of the words that I was appalled to see posted on the lunchroom wall of an elementary school.  I was not only appalled.  I was embarrassed.  'Is this what our education system has resorted to?' I thought to myself.  'Handing out condoms in high school was not enough?'  The school system flaunted blatantly sexual words in front of elementary school readers, and my instinct was to judge, and run....more

Stigma Spelled 'S-U-I-C-I-D-E'

I checked the mail today.  Inside was a large yellow envelope addressed to me from the Regional Supervising Coroner’s office.This envelope, I hoped, would contain some answers about my husband’s death that had been unclear.  When the police told me they had found my husband they took a guess as to what had happened.  A day later they retracted.  At any rate, it was clear there was uncertainty. ...more
I am so sorry. I  can relate to this piece in so many ways.more

Who Do You Tell -- and When -- When Your Child Has a Mental Illness?

I once read “If your child has cancer, people bring you casseroles, but if your child has a mental illness, they stay away.” I’m sad to say that we’ve faced this in our own community. Our son lost his best friend after a rage with me. Once I explained the situation to the parents, they ended their friendship. This is still painful for my son today, almost 3 years later. He still talks about this child, draws pictures of her and still tries to find her new phone number. If I could restore this relationship, I would in an instant. My heart aches for the loss he feels....more
@DesiValentine4 Thank you DesiValentine for sharing your mum's story. I love what you said ...more

Confusing the Neighbourhood

 A very dirty Milo as he was delivered back to me this afternoon!...more

Depression Knows No Race or Religion

May marked my one-year anniversary on vitamin L, and it's finally time to talk about it. I am Asian American and Christian, struggling with anxiety and clinical depression, and I take vitamin L - or Lexapro to be exact - to treat it. It's been one year since I decided enough was enough. I was tired of being tired. Tired of being sad. Tired of always feeling on edge about almost anything. ...more
I really agree that depression is not something to be swallowed as inevitable suffering. I have ...more

One and Done

My husband and I want only one child. You may not know this (especially if you've been able to survive the baby epidemic up until now) but having or wanting only one child makes you a bit of an anomaly. In fact, sometimes I feel as if people treat me like I'm contagious, as if my willingness to allow my uterus to shrivel up will most certainly send theirs into early retirement. I assure you I'm not that powerful.  For the most part....more

Competence Compensation

Thank you. I'm glad you have slowly found the balance you need to feel your feelings for what ...more