Stila Color Balm Lipstick

Please check out my product review of Stila Color Lip Balm, an innovative, modern balm/lipstick hybrid in 18 shades....more

Stocking Stuffers: Top Name Beauty Steals For $25 and Under

Let's face it, pretty much any time one spends shopping for makeup and beauty products is like Christmas, but Christmastime it is particularly Christmas-y, due to amazingly-priced stocking stuffers and true beauty bargains. I've scoped out some of my favorites here; the brands and quality are excellent, and the prices -- all under $25 -- are most definitely right. ...more

One more tip! I ran into Bath & Body Works yesterday to grab some hand soap as we were all out. ...more

Think Pink!

Spring must be in the air... I am finding myself oddly attracted to pink again! Today I volunteered at a marketing conference all day, and in return they gave me a $50 gift card for the Eaton Centre! Yay! So I went with my coworker N to blow our cards on something frivolous. We were even lucky enough to finish our day by 3pm! (however it started at 7am... ugh). So what did I spend my money on, you ask? Why PINK stuff, o' course! ...more