I Will Never Wear Stilettos Again

I love high heels. Let me start by stating that fact. Especially stilettos — the summa cum laude of shoes. Some stilettos are love at first sight. They bring out the Imelda Marcos in me. Those with bows. Those that sparkle. Those that enter a room before you do. Carrie Bradshaw’s cobalt blue satin Manolos with the crystal silver buckle, the ones she went back for. "Sex and the City" made running in high heels on the uneven streets of Manhattan seem fabulous....more
My feet are destroyed from wearing heels through the 80s. I can't even feel my pinkie toes ...more

Back to Black.

Back to black, just like Winehouse.I posted a preview shot of this outfit on my instagram– did you see it?For a Saturday night with the girls, I grabbed an oversized black cotton tank + a pair of slouchy silk shorts, and slipped on some black patent stilettos. (Pulled a Carrie and went for exposing the bra a bit; winter is coming and we’ll all be bundled up to our ears in wool soon enough, let’s live it up while we can.)...more


Yes.  With everything that we have to worry about today – budgets, crime, jobs, war, holiday anxiety etc., etc., etc.  I am focused on stilettos and want to wear sexy shoes.  Not the kind of middle-aged dress up pumps with square supportive heals in neutral colors, but the kind with the spikes that could do major damage as a weapon.  And, they must be RED!!  ...more

Stiletto Solutions for Fearless Feet

I'm far from a flats-only type of girl, but I'm also pretty practical. I know for a fact that I'm a lot more fun when my feet aren't killing me, and if I'm wearing heels, there's a good chance I'm somewhere I'd like to be having fun. Therefore, unless I've been guaranteed a short walk from the car and a seat for the entire evening, I'm generally in shoes that are reasonably comfortable. ...more

It doesn't matter if they're comfortable or not. I think my ankle cracks a little just thinking ...more

Awful things we do to our feet

This is by no means a comprehensive list of the awful ways we treat our feet.  It’s just a flashback to some of the foot-related transgressions I have committed, and I am now wondering why I never believed there would be consequences. Story of my life – suspend belief in consequences, and trudge on along.  (And this is just one body part.) A partial list of the awful things we do to our feet:  We squeeze them into things that aren’t shaped like feet....more

Putting Your Best Foot Fashion Forward

Not to rain on anyone's parade, especially if they are lucky enough to attend BlogHer '10 in the fashion capital of the US, but you might think twice about the footwear you select for navigating the sidewalks of New York. Consider this Public Service Alert #1: Clogs Can Cause Harm to Self and Others.  If you are a clogger by trade or even a hobbyist clogger, disregard this entire post.  You have probably already taken out additional health insurance policies to protect you from what I am about to explain....more

Nourish Your Sole(s)

Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata once said “It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees.” And I’d like to add, if I may, that It is better to die in your heels than walk comfortably in your flats.  Like 99% of the time. Especially for little chiquitas like me. Which is why I feel an overwhelming appreciation for  footcare that is both luxuriant and reparative. ...more

A Shoe Affair

For those who love to splurge on a beautiful shoe, you will enjoy these gold, 4.5" sandals from Jimmy Choo called 'Lance Mirror Leather'. Picture speaks for itself... ...more

Louboutin Love

My first purchase from Gilt Groupe!  Safely cushioned for the cross-country journey... And the big reveal!  Black Louboutin Decoltissimos for less than 50% of the retail price. ...more

The High-Heel Challenge: Day 1

I had originally planned to wait until Monday to start this month-long disaster of a challenge. But as I dressed myself up for a friend’s birthday celebration, and I made my hair as big as possible, I decided that there was absolutely no reason to avoid my new best friend, the high-heel.  Big hair, Big heels, Big night. Right? ...more